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Aug 10, 2010 04:10 PM

How do you start new fig trees from cuttings?

Does anyone know how to start new fig trees from cuttings?
My thought is to cut a branch on an angle and soak it in rooting solution and plant it in a pot until it takes off and then transfer it to the garden.
Any thoughts/comments ideas would be appreciated

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  1. It's much simpler than that. A number of us have successfully started figs using this site:

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      I tried putting it in a glass of water to root, like a house plant, and also just putting it directly into soil, and neither worked. Try the method detailed on the site above: put the twig, wrapped in newspaper, in a ziploc bag until you see decent roots. Then transplant into a small clear container and observe the root development. When it gets going really good, THEN plant it in a regular pot. That's where I'm up to so far, and it's making big beautiful leaves now.