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Aug 10, 2010 03:42 PM

Food Shopping in Cambria

We are heading to Cambria for a long weekend, staying in a rental house.
I am trying to find out what supermarkets are around the immediate vicinity so that we can stock up.
I only found this Cookie Crock listing.
Does anyone know what is in that central coast vicinity with great offerings?
We'll try to hit the farmer's market but may not make it.

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  1. There is the French Bakery right in town for bread and baked goods. A couple of doors down is Soto's Mkt. They have Hearst Ranch beef....natural beef, no grain or chemicals. If you are there on Friday afternoon there is a farmer's market from 2 to 5. Cookie Crock has the usual stuff. On Sat and Sun from noon to four you can buy oysters on the dock in Morro Bay, though this time of year they are probably in spawning condition which makes them sort of unpalatable, but some like them. Otherwise, I would say Giovanni's in morro bay is the place you want for sea food.

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    1. re: stan D

      When is the best time of year to be eating the oysters from Morro Bay?

    2. Soto's Mkt right downtown (east villiage) near the pharmacy has a tremendous meat counter. Be sure to check it out. Great looking stuff, cut by hand by a real butcher. Most of the rest of the store is slim pickings, just basics, but in a very old market with wooden floors. Between that and Cookie Crock (a regular supermarket) you'll do fine unless you are looking for unusual items. Couple of small liquor stores, one at each end of town, and a wine tasting bar on Burton. Also the cheese shop near the Black Cat. Robin's restaurant has some great salads and desserts for takeout or picnic meals. There is Alocco's Bakery (old world style) on Main st in Cambria as well. They are usually at the Farmer's Mkts.

      There is a large Albertson's in Morro Bay right along the freeway. They carry a huge variety of local wines at some decent prices. The BevMo in SLO if you are going that way, has a great selection too.

      Stan is right--the best seafood will be at Giovannis, or Tognazzini's near the Coast Guard dock on north embracadeo in MB near "the stacks". The Cambria Fri afternoon Farmer's Mkt is VERY good. Morro Bay also has one downtown on Friday afternoon.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        Soto's Market is closed. The store is shuttered.

        1. re: toodie jane

          So sorry to hear this. We bought our meat at the excellent butcher counter at Soto's Market during our August visit. One of the food highlights of our trip.

          Soto's Market
          2244 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428

      2. Happy to find this article reporting that Soto's has reopened with same butcher. That was a great meat counter last summer. Anyone have an update on the new incarnation?

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          will check next week when I'm in town. With the Johnsons behind the counter again, should still be very good.

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            Just getting around to reading this thread. So glad to see Soto's is back open. We haven't been to Cambria in 2 yrs. but will be back in August for a week, renting a house. We typically bought basics at the Cookie Crock, but frequented Soto's for meat, cheese, deli sandwiches, etc. My heart dropped when I saw the post about it being closed. I wonder how different it will be in terms of businesses following our 2 yr. absence. We used to go twice a year at least, often renting a house to cut down on meal expenses.

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              My husband stopped in briefly yesterday, as we were hoping to pick up some good cheese, bread, & wine. He said it is a shadow of its former self & looks as if it's going out of business. There was no wine & the only cheese available was Alouette cheese spread. No baguettes, either.

              He ended up going to the corner liquor store for wine, Indigo Moon for cheese, & the French Corner Bakery for bread. I can only hope they are slowly building inventory or finding their footing?? If not, well, we won't be counting on it for anything anymore.

              1. re: browndogs2

                Did he look at the meat counter?

                Last summer the shop at the Shell station had the best wine selection.

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                  We'll be stopping in again this trip for a more discerning look around, so I'll post again after that. We were rushing to get those few supplies, & as luck would have it, there was a mishap with the keys, so we ended up eating out & will try for wine & cheese tonight.

                  I did see the outdoor sign advertising various fish described as fresh, so I thought that sounded promising.

                  My husband did say the deli counter in back is about 1/3 of the size it used to be.

                  Anyway, I'll check back in again after we look around again.

                  I don't think we've ever gone inside the Shell station, so thanks for the tip. My husband ended up not packing any red wine & that's what I had a craving for last night.

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                    Update - we stopped in today & took a look around.

                    The deli counter is smaller now & I couldn't get a great look into it b/c there were customers around, but there were a handful of deli salads & the board was full of various selections (sandwiches, soup, etc.) Something - soup I'm assuming - smelled great.

                    I did not see any wonderful cheeses, but the meat counter looked good. Quality + a fair selection. The board outside ID'd what fish was fresh & even when it came in (morning vs. afternoon). The frozen selections were also ID'd.

                    So in conclusion, I think my reaction was a bit more favorable than my husband's. I disagree with him that it looks like it's going out of business. There are fewer items stocked & a few omissions (like great cheese), but most of the basics are there & the meat selection still appears to be of quality.

              2. Besides the meats at Soto's, the other places that had foodstuffs I wanted to buy were the farmers market in Morro Bay and the friday afternoon farmers market in Cambria. In August we bought some great corn and avocados grown in a five-mile radius of town. And some pristine local seafood from the Old Port Fisheries truck at the market. The vermilion cod and albacore were as good as it gets. But get there early. We were at the market as soon as it opend, and I got to the fish truck within the first half hour and many things were already sold out.

                Wondering if anyone has comments on Old Port Fisheries store in Avila Beach? And I've posted before on the very fresh lingcod we bought at Giovanni's in Morro Bay.

                1. Our favorite seafood comes from the Dockside Two in Morro Bay. The owner is a fisherman, if he hasn't been out, he buys the best, freshest fish from other captains, all of whom are his friends. It's way better than Giovanni's.

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                  1. re: judybird

                    note: Dockside II is Tognazzini's more casual backdoor annex, with outside patio dining only. Beer & wine to go. Tognazzini's uses same fish as Dockside.