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Aug 10, 2010 02:21 PM

Good Restaurant between Mt. Ranier and Seattle

We are taking our son out to Mt. Ranier for a summit trip and will be driving back into Seattle the same day. Is there a restaurant between the two places that is not to be missed ? Or should we just go back into Seattle where the great restaurants are numerous. We thought about the Salish Lodge, but don't know if it worth the $ and time to drive there.

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  1. I would just come back to Seattle. I'm sure someone can point you to something decent betewen the two places, but I'm not sure there is anything of "don't miss" caliber.

    1. Salish lodge isn't on the way to Mt. Rainier from Seattle, unless you are taking a major detour. A little more information might be helpful to those that can provide suggestions, is your son summitting via Paradise, White River or ???

      1. If he is truly summitting Rainier, he will be exhausted and unlikely to want a fancy meal. But no, there are no places en route, or even not en route (e.g., Salish Lodge), that would be considered "don't miss".

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          The way I read OP, they're just dropping the climber off and coming back.

          1. re: not the bad Steve

            That's a tough route for decent eats, and I've done some research. If it were me, I 'd be thinking of certain low-key Mexican or Indian targets in Renton or Kent, but that's fairly far from the midway point of the journey in either direction.

            My wife and I have dreamt of someday finding quaint, Michelin-starred places tucked away in the cascade foothills. Maybe some day...

        2. The Hungry Goose in Sumner might fill the bill. In Ashford, the blackberry pie at The Copper Creek Inn is said to be exceptional. Around on the north side of the park, The Greenwater Lodge and Coffee Shop in Greenwater has an excellent reputation. Or you could stick closer to home and enjoy a fine Italian repast at Filiberto’s in Burien – certainly not to be missed!