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Aug 10, 2010 01:29 PM

Fried clams on The Cape

We are crossing the Bourne bridge about noon tomorrow on our way to Orleans. Any suggestions for fried clams? We can take either 6A or the other route.

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  1. You might consider Cooke's Seafood in Hyannis to be worth the slight detour off Rt. 6. I have dreams about their fried clams. I've gone there since I was a kid and they are still awesome. I was in Falmouth this past weekend and we had clams at another place, and they were okay for the craving, but they weren't as good as Cooke's.

    Cooke's Seafood
    7 Ryans Way, Mashpee, MA 02649

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    1. re: Niblet

      I'd recommend you give Captain Frosty's a try. It's been a few years, but they had terrific fried seafood if you weren't looking for ambiance. Yarmouth/Dennis.

    2. There is a Cookes in Orlean's as well as Hyannis. If you're willing to drive as far as Eastham, which is just past Orleans, Arnold's gets my vote. Arnold's is cash only and the lines can be long.

      1. Captain Frosty's in Dennis or Seafood Sam's in Sandwich. We just ate at both last week and were very satisifed with the fry job. Sam's is also surprisingly reasonably priced.

        Seafood Sam's
        6 Coast Guard Rd, Sandwich, MA 02563

        1. Kreme & Kone on rte 28 @ Rte 134 in Dennis... if you can't make it there then do Captain Frosty's but K&K are the best- better onion rings also.

          1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sir Crickets. Right in Orleans. I've been going for the past 20 years and it just isn't a trip to the Cape without it. My brother always orders the fried clams. I am partial to the crab/lobster rolls with chowder. YUM! But, Cooke's is an excellent choice as well.

            38 Rt 6A
            Orleans, MA 02653-2412

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            1. re: ohthatsgood

              I second Sir Cricket's right past the rotary heading to Orleans.

              1. re: Blue Point

                agree with Sir Crickets and Arnolds. Cookes in Hyannis is great but expensive. Cooke's in Orleans...meh!

                Captain Frosty's in Dennis.....worst tourist rip in the mid Cape. Seafood Sams is just plain gross, but it IS cheap. Go to Sesuit Cafe in Dennis for the real deal.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  To each their own, of course, but our meals at Sam's were far from gross. The clams were sweet, not too big or small, and my haddock was fresh and flaky. The fries were just ok, but most of the time I can pass on the fries anyway. As for Capt. Frosty's, I don't find their prices so high that its a rip off.

                    1. re: El Guapo

                      Glad to hear you got lucky at Sams. Like the lottery, a few people do exist that like the results.

                      Prices aren't really high at Cap'n Frosty's until you consider the portion size (which include two golf ball sized fried fritter dough balls with a hint of clam juice....mmmmmm,not)