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Aug 10, 2010 12:40 PM

Search - 08/10/2010 release

I wanted to thank you for fixing the tab problem on search. I can now right click and open a new IE tab. This is a major help.

I'll probably have more search comments later, but I sort of think that splitting the search on Chow and Chowhound might not be a good idea. It would be nice to have an option that returned all on both sites.

Also, I was searching on Chow just to try it and there was no tab to get back to Chowhound.

Frankly my main reason to visit Chow was using search. I would search a topic in the past, and some interesting story or article would pop up. It at least sent more of my personal traffic to Chow.

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  1. Hi rworagne - this is great feedback. We are looking at ways to optimize the search experience and appreciate that you 'stumble' upon content via search. Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming!

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    1. re: CHOW HQ

      On the Search -

      Ive been doing a lot of work on inputting restaurant data on the restaurants Board.
      for italy It is sort of discouraging that now the Italy restaurants do not come up as previously on a search on the Chowhound page - a separate search has to be conducted.

      Even domestically, formerly if a restaurant name was searched the Restaurant page for the item came up, along with the Board discussions. now, you just get the Board discussions and have to look separately for the Restaurant data.

      Since the restaurant page does not show you can even search for foreign destinations, (that little dinky search bar in to top provides only the most subtle clue) I dont think this info will be accessed. At least returning the big search bar to the top of the Restaurants page would help a bit.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Also there is no longer any way to search the Chow Digests now.

        In the past, if there was a search on all Chow/Chowhound Digest articles would be returned.

        Now, even if I click on the SF Digest link, the search engine doesn't return results from that board.

        With the change to the Chow Digest emails where only part of one Digest article is sent and you must click on the other links, I no longer even have the option to search my saved emails to find something I'm looking for.

    2. (I posted this on the "I hate the new release" thread but may get lost in the clutter, so it's copied here.)

      Search function in red CHOWHOUND header doesn't accept apostrophes.


      [Ralph's] in [Philadelphia]

      Comes back with an error:

      Your search for ralph%27s did not return any results

      and pops up a new dark grey search band across the page. Type your apostrophised name in this new area and search works fine - displaying appropriate results.

      1. Here's one suggestion that could improve the new search feature. You've hidden all the search options that can make a search much more flexible to the user's needs. Yes, I found them in the tabs to the right of the VIEW button. But maybe the default after doing a search and displaying the search results should be the full view of the options at the top, instead of hiding them where many people would overlook them. This is the way the search worked before; when starting with a default search, the options would be displayed above the search results.

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          I agree - it took me a while to figure out how to do an advanced search after the new release.

        2. I cant understand why chowhound wants to create its own search function... they should just install a google search for their site .... its proven to work and it would make everything far more simple....

          1. The restaurant and bars search is not picking up all the results.

            Here's a search for Tiburon, Ca

            It doesn't include Foodniks which is in the R&B database