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Aug 10, 2010 12:39 PM

Need input on La Sombra Bar and Grill

Planning on a double date this weekend with friends. Looking at La Sombra. Anyone have any experience there yet? They just opened a few weeks ago on Burnett near 47th Street.

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  1. Pretty much everything in that little mall has been way too expensive and not very noteworthy. Let's hope they don't follow pattern. The menu looks really interesting.

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      it does-- they have a chacarero made with shiner bock braised beef!
      i miss the chacarero place i frequented in boston.

    2. May be too late for your purposes, and it is not about dinner, but I just came from a very enjoyable lunch at la Sombra. We had the lunch special of house salad, soup, and a half sandwich of your choice. The salad was much better than the typical small house green salad, containing several kinds of baby greens, frisee, hearts of palm, and avocado dressing with a good vinaigrette. The soup was vegetables in a stock/broth, containing beans, yucca, plantains, potatoes and one other starch that I did not identify. My sandwich, the Cubano, was very good, if not quite the archetype of pressed Cuban sandwich I expected. My lunch companion ordered the Saltado de pollo and it looked even better than my Cubano. We had a ginger flavored, flan-like dish and a chocolate mousse with crushed pistachios for desert, both quite good.

      Though it is a bit more expensive than some lunch places, the good food and good service will make it a regular stop for us. I plan to try them for dinner later in the month.

      1. Went a couple of days ago for happy hour. They don't have that good of a deal for hh since it only applies to a couple of items but the food is very inventive, and very good. We had the desgustacion de cebiche (I guess the latin way to say it?), which was three of their cebiches which included a shrimp cebiche, a shellfish cebiche, and then the cebiche of the day which was sunfish. They were all very good, and i am usually not a fan of shrimp ceviche. We also got their vegetable cebiche, which was mushrooms, corn with a roasted tomatillo sauce on the side with shaved truffle. FANTASTIC. We got another raw tuna dish that was also very good and topped with habanero fish eggs or something of the sort. Other than the mass amounts of raw fish, we got quail skewers in an adobe sauce and their pork belly. I realize pork belly is just good, but this was awesome, topped with pickled red onions and peppers. Nice and crisp and juicy and unbelievable. The quail was also amazing, the sauce was rich and spicy with the most delectable green sauce for dipping that was super spicy.
        Overall the experience was great and our waiter was very helpful in explaining the dishes.
        I highly recommend this place.

        1. Went today for lunch. Gota cubano and the papas. I think if I go back, I'll go with the ceviche. While the sandwich was good, it wasn't crave-worthy. The bread was described toasted (I assumed like a pressed cuban) but was just a very bready roll. I ended up eating it open-faced. Pork was a bit dry and bland. Home-made condiments were the highlight. Pickles were crunchy and tasty. Whole grain mustard packed a punch and the tomato sauce for the papas was kind of a spicy marinara. With some added flavor on the pork and a toasted, not-so-bready bread, it would improve greatly.