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Aug 10, 2010 11:55 AM

Favorite seafood dishes at The Fish Market?

I like pretty much all fish and seafood, so let me know if you have a menu favorite here. Will be there on aFri night with res in a couple of weeks, party of 6 or 7.


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  1. Haven't been for a while, but I ALWAYS ordered Duckett's Bucket (steamed shellfish sampler) and Dean's prawns (prawns in a pesto sauce). Dependably good.

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    1. re: bizzwriter

      Sushi bar is always a winner at the Fish Market. If not too busy see if you can order off the sushi menu. Sometimes they'll limit you to rolls, sometimes, if slow, you can order off the regular menu. If so, actually order off the chalkboard which has some real gems on it.

    2. I second the Duckett's Bucket. Oyster combination is also a winner, and their smoked fish platters are amazing. Make sure to order cheesy garlic bread!

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      1. re: ohnothankyou

        YES -- the cheesy garlic bread is CRAZY good!

      2. They also have a usually good selection of oysters from the raw bar. I have always like their pan fried sole with panko breading (I know kinda a whimpy dish) but I just love it .

        1. I'm an oyster bar chicka and the Duckett's bucket with a bowl of chowder and a dozen Kumamoto oysters with a bottle of wine is what I'm talking about...sourdough or that cheesy bread is so good to dunk in the broth of the steamers.
          Sushi bar is quite good and for summer on the bayfront deck with a bloody mary or a glass of wine and a shrimp cocktail is a good thing too.

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            BEACH chick .. you have us at hello.. This sounds soo good and with this combo.. This order is this at oyster bar only or can we have this below as kids in tow.... I downloaded their sample dinner menu and see all these items and it appears the oyster are from the oyster bar on the regular menu
            Downstairs. I thought this was a special area of the rastaurant

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              A friend and I have been musing about going down there for this exact meal - think this may just tip it into happening. It was her birthday this week after all...

              1. re: Alice Q

                I'm jonesing for this right this second...

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                    Have fun sitting up at the Oyster Bar and eating all the goodness from the sea.
                    Hopefully, they'll have Kumamoto oysters in season..
                    Sushi bar is excellent too.
                    Cheesy bread is calling my name..
                    ; )

                      1. re: Island

                        It was pretty good! We had a half dozen Fanny Bay oysters, which were lovely, but I missed having a mignonette (not sure if you can request it, they were gone before we had a chance.) They were served with lemon, grated horseradish and cocktail sauce We ate a lot of their fresh hot bread with soft butter. We also shared a dinner salad which was very standard, some very good fried calamari and a bucket of Washington Manila clams. The clams were nice and plump, but there was some kind of dried herb flavor in the liquid/broth that I wasn't crazy about. Next time I would ask them to leave it out if they can.

                        We had to wait a while for seats at the oyster bar, and the sushi bar and regular dining room were also very busy. (Just to clarify, this was the Harbor Drive location.)

                        1. re: Alice Q

                          They always serve the mignonette when I order my dozen the grated horseradish with the cocktail sauce..
                          It's hard to wait for the O Bar for seats since you almost have to hover..
                          No cheesy bread?

              2. Fish Market was a real zoo on a late summer Friday night--decibels off the charts. The food was OK to good, but the portions seemed huge. Sort of a mega-steakhouse style. They were turning out food at a dizzying pace, and although the place was full with a line waiting, the dinner was paced fairly well. The harbor-sde deck was not being used at all, which surprised. Looks like the perfect spot for a cordial after dark.

                Just not the quality of food I'd hoped for. The separate restaurant upstairs seems to be a higher-end venue, with food styles to match the uptick in menu prices.

                Had some wonderful sushi at Ebi in Hillcrest. Fresh and wonderfully prepared, good prices.
                Other Hillcrest favorite: Bread &Cie for b'fast pastries and breads. Pete's was conveniently next door. The dining/snacking choices in Hillcrest staggered the mind, and there were many places I'd try if I lived locally.

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                1. re: toodie jane

                  That place has been a loud zoo ever time I've been there, at least downstairs and the food and view upstairs wasn't worth the price in the 3-4 times I've been there. I'd skip upstairs for sure and keep expectations in check.