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Aug 10, 2010 11:53 AM

Cucina 24 Deli and Blue Water (Asheville) reviews

We tried the C24 deli (right next door to C24) late last week. I had a roast turkey on rye with fig jam, provolone and garlic aioli. My husband had the Italian w/ a pepper relish on wheat. Rye and Wheat were the only bread choices , and while they were both very fresh and delicious, my husband commented that it would have been nice to have the option to put his Italian on a classic white hoagie. The sandwich portions are HUGE - I could only eat half - but for good reason seein as how nothing comes with them. Priced around $7-8, this seemed a little high for a sandwich only. But the ingredient quality was above and beyond many more choices in town - fresh turkey, thick layers of creamy provolone, generous swaths of the dressings. They do have some antipasto-type things available, priced at 1 for $3, 2 for $5, etc, and we opted for the $3 portion of deviled eggs, which gave us 3 halves. They were good, but again, overpriced at $1 an egg half. The AC was out where you order at the counter but they let us walk down the hall and eat inside the restaurant. So even though it looks like there are no tables, you can eat inside. I'd go back, as I'd like to try the BLT made with prosciutto, arugula and heirloom tomatoes and the Chickpea which said it had goat ricotta and mint pesto.

And...yea! Blue Water is open on Charlotte Street neat Starbucks. They have a menu that looks different from the one in Hendersonville, and I think it looks great. Open for lunch only (market until 7pm), the menu offers clams casino, shrimp and grits, crawfish etouffeee, smoked trout and pimento and cheese quesadilla, and a salmon BTL to name a few. I did not have the chance to eat there yet but we got shrimp salad and a pound of swordfish to throw o the grill last night, and let me tell was an amazingly fresh piece of fish. I am SO stoked this place is now open in Asheville. The people that work there are so nice and the quality is top notch.

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  1. ARRGH! Your review sounds great, but their website says the deli is tues-thur 11-5. That's pretty limited. They seem determined not to feed me lunch under any circumstances ;-)

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      Their site does say that, but I think the Citizen-Times article stated they were open Friday through Sunday, as well. Not sure how much stock I'd put in their reporting, though. I went today and had the BLT miss piggy mentioned: it was definitely good, and it's easy to tell that the ingredients they use are a cut above most delis in the area. She's right about the portion sizes too, they're quite large. I'll be back to try that turkey sandwich next time.

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        thanks! I'll stroll by there this Sat most likely.

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      1. the cuch deli is where its at.. big portions and the best quality in town had the rueben and it was very good meat.. haha thats awesome.. the lady had the PLT it as well was awesome and some roasted peaches with black peppper marscapone go check it out

        1. Although we were looking forward to trying the 24 deli, our friend wanted to go to 12 Bones, so we wound up just stopping by to take a look at the menu. Menu looks fantastic. I'm dying to have that chickpea sandwich.

          But... my husband ordered a 1/2 pound of their house made corned beef to go. It was just about inedible. I have NEVER seen such fatty corned beef. It was like a completely different product from any corned beef I've ever seen. Not fatty in a good way, but stringy, chewy, more than 50% white bits in many of the pieces. Plus the spices were a touch "off" from traditional corned beef...and not in a good way, IMO.

          I also got a slice of rabbit pate which was OK, and some burrata cheese which was tasty, but not mind-boggling like the last burrata I had (which, granted, was in N. Cali)

          I still intend to try the place (if I can talk my husband into it, he was pretty offended by the beef), but I'm a less excited now. BTW, very friendly staff, and the a/c is now fixed.

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          1. re: danna

            Yeah...I'd definitely go back if I were wandering around downtown, but it won't be a destination spot for us. That stinks about the corned beef. Yuck.

            The best sandwich in town, IMO, is still Frank's in South Asheville. Haven't found anything to match it yet. I can't believe I never knew about that place until I read about it here on this board.

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              Frank's is definitely "under the radar," so much so that I keep forgetting to try it! What's good there, Miss Piggy?

              1. re: Jeff C.

                They have 2 daily sandwich specials that are ususally pretty interesting. Sometimes I pick one of those, sometime I get the hot pastrami (only w/ turkey pastrami), sometimes the reuben (w/ turkey) and sometimes I get this intense craving for their Italian. It is all good. The sandwiches are HUGE, the meat is just Boars Head but the toppings are all super fresh (ripe tomatoes, roasted red peppers, fresh pepperocini relishes, etc) and the real kicker is the house-baked (mostly, I think?) bread. The bread there is amazing. It is a small place with nowhere to sit inside so either plan to sit out or take it to-go. They get busy during the week and do a seatdy call-ahead business. Very nice people.

                Back to Blue Water Asheville...we are hooked. Picked up fresh fish and shellfish for dinner from there almost every night last week! Corvina, swordfish, HUGE scallops, fresh shrimp...all delish. And we made it in for lunch too. It's very small, only seven or eight tables, and it was packed. We started with a side of lobster salad to share as an app ($5). It came tightly packed, about a cup's worth. A pretty good value considering it was made of big chunks of lobster meat and not a lot of filler/mayo. We had to ask for crackers and they only had Club brand, which was too bad because I found the buttery flavoring to overpower the salad. We ended up just eating it with a fork out of the cup. I had the shrimp and grits and my husband had the crawfish etouffee. I thought both needed a hit of salt or some hot sauce, but my husband thought his was seasoned well for his tastes. Mine was a large portion for $10 - two meals worth - and the light tomato sauce they topped the grits with were very good. The grits already had cheese mixed in but then they topped them with more time I'll ask for no extra cheese. My huusband's etouffee was very good, lots of crawfish. It was a little pricey, totaling almost $30 for two, and it wasn't outstanding, but it was very good. We'll be back, definitely for the fresh fish to cook at home, and back for lunch to try some of their fresh fish sandwiches, etc.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  Thanks for the info. on both, Miss Piggy. Will definitely check 'em out soon!

                  1. re: Jeff C.

                    Just had to throw in another positive review for Blue Water Seafood on Charlotte Street. We had an amazing lunch there on Friday. I had the Banyan Burger, which is a BLT topped with grilled salmon. Somehow they managed to still be offering some amazing summery tomatoes on the sandwich, and the whole thing was just delicious. My husband had a blackened grouper poboy that was also great. Everyone that works in there is super helpful and friendly, and we picked up some amazing fresh shrimp, scallops and oysters that we enjoyed that evening for dinner. Go there for lunch if you can make's the best seafood in town, in my opinion.

                    1. re: miss piggy

                      Sounds great. Where is it on Charlotte?

                      1. re: Jeff C.

                        Right next to City Bakery, just up from Starbucks.