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Aug 10, 2010 11:06 AM

Looking for a nice kosher restaurant near Lakewood, NJ

I am from Chicago and am going to Lakewood, NJ for my nephews wedding. I am going out on a first date with a nice woman I met on a Jewish dating site. I would appreciate any recommendations in that area and I'd probably prefer someplace a little outside of Lakewood.
I don't need super elegant, but a nice restaurant with good food that looks decent would be great. Thanks

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  1. Go to Tastebuds, just over the border in Howell. It's litterally a ten minute drive from anywhere in Lakewood. Pretty good food, and now that the original owner and her staff is gone, the service is pretty good (previously, the service was some of the worst I've ever experienced, but we kept coming back because of the food).

    Milchig, about $20-$25 a person. Elegant without being uncomfortable, intimate without being crowded, I'd get a reservation to be safe but they have no problems with walk-ins. This is where I'd take a first date and I wanted to impress but didn't have a lot of money. And if the date doesn't work out, the food will be good at least.

    6774 U.S. 9, Howell NJ 07731 - (732) 905-9770 (in a shopping center)

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      Thanks for the recommendation The Cameraman.

    2. Cameraman, you neglected to mention that when Sarah Lasry and her staff were ousted from the store by her disgruntled partners, the trustworthy kosher supervision was removed. It is now under a (possibly) unreliable, out of town supervision and managed by a non shomer Shabbos.

      Songcycle, I'd recommend The Reserve, 732-942-6555, a pricey but upscale steakhouse, or Remon Steakhouse on Rt 9 and Chestnut St. (a bit more reasonable and not in the center of town). For dairy dining with waiter service there is Beneli Cafe on County Line Road. If you don't mind to travel a bit, you can get chinese/japanese food in Deal,NJ (approx 30 minutes away) at Chang Mao/Sakura, or you can go to a nice steakhouse called 656 Ocean, in Long Branch (approx 40 minutes away). It is one or 2 blocks from the ocean and you can walk on the boardwalk after dinner. Good Luck!

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        where did sarah lasry go? it is terrible that she was forced out of a restaurant she founded and worked s hard on. i have noticed when I click on the website for tastebuds my computer warms me not to go there.

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          I was under the impression that R Gissinger was coming back to supervise Tastebuds. Thanks for informing me otherwise.

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            I would definitely not recommend Chang Mao/Sakura if you're looking to impress someone.

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                I heard they closed. Definitely looks like that as you drive by...