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Aug 10, 2010 10:54 AM

Source Mahatma Rice products in Mississauga

Hi, I'm looking for a source for Mahatma Saffron Yellow Rice pictured below, preferably in Mississauga or western part of the GTA. Anyone seen this product?

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  1. With respect, this is sorta "Coals to Newcastle" around Mississauga/Brampton. Just get some basmati+saffron+seasoning. "Mahatma" products might sell in parts of the States but not in our area. KInda like "Old El Paso" in a heavily Chicano market...

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Thanks for the reply but I don't get the reference. What is "Coals to Newcastle"?

      Shoot, I be more than happy to make my own and stir clear of the overly salted mixes, but I can't even find saffron threads in my 3 or 4 closest grocery chains! I was hoping to find this mix instead as at least it claims to contain saffron and I have sampled it before. I have looked for other options like Zatarain's yellow rice (which I'm not crazy about) and other rice blends, but haven't found those in a similar flavor range either.

      Maybe I should revise my quest to where can I find saffron in the Mississauga area, preferably near Square One? Thanks.

      1. re: South Carolina Girl

        I have seen saffron threads in Highland Farms at Hurontario and Matheson. When you go to the cashiers, they are hanging on the wall close to their cash registers.

        Or just go to any Indian or Iranian stores, they sell it as well. The Iranian store that we go to is called Arya Supermarket and it's address is 3050 Confederation Parkway, closest major intersection is Dundas and Confederation Parkway. Hope that helps!

        1. re: South Carolina Girl

          Re: those coals and Newcastle:

          Mississauga/Brampton's huge S. Asian population makes this product almost jokey--like why bother selling it???

          Saffron isn't hard to find. Bulk Barn stores(Sq. 1)should have it--usually a good source for everyday spices. Bigger Loblaws stores should too. Just be aware that "Mahatma" probably goes light on the saffron(pricey)and heavy on the turmeric(cheap)to get the colour you're after. You should be able to hack the recipe into something you like.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Thanks for the leads. I've never heard of Bulk Barn, but I'll check out Square One today. I've been interested in seeing what they have in the mall since I moved here anyway. I've only been to the farmer's market outside so far.

            I'm not a fan of Loblaws but there is one out on Dundas (and Mavis I think) that is not too bad. So I'll head there if I have to. You are definitely right on the spice ratios for Mahatma's. That is why they can sell it at 72 cents per package!

            1. re: South Carolina Girl

              More voyages of discovery:

              Highland Farms(Matheson+Hurontario): huge store, decent seasonal/local produce, OK meat selection, pan-ethnic foods, good deli counter.

              Town & Country Market(Fairview Rd+ Hurontario just S of Central Pkwy, hidden behind the Shell station):my go-to place for Lebanese and Middle Eastern spices, produce, pita, sweets, meats, take-out. Worth a visit.

              Town & Country Restaurant
              231 Durnham S, Madoc, ON K0K, CA

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Kagemusha, Thanks for the itineraries for discovery. I have been to Highland Farms before, actually on your suggestion, looking for "Fjord," the yogurt that tastes like sour cream, that I discovered in France back in March. I still haven't found it, but I'm heading back to France in about 3 weeks, so I will be sure to get my fill. HF is a very impressive store, but I was blown away by the Bulk Barn. I think I wandered through the whole store with my mouth hanging open and muttering "you can by that bulk?" over and over again! I left with a bag so heavy I decided to cut the rest of my visit to Square One short. I will definitely check out Town and Country with the SO. His bff is Lebanese and we love his cooking, but alas he lives in Montreal.

                Any other leads in my area are most appreciated. Thanks again. Allison

                1. re: South Carolina Girl

                  No worries. Check out the Brampton market on Sat. mornings at Hurontario and Queen and the Milton Sat. morning market, too. Both set-up on closed-down main streets for 3-4 hrs. I've soured on Sq.1's "farmers'" market after shopping it since the mid-90s: too many resellers, shysters, and off-peak produce with only a shrinking minority of legit growers. I see very few "farm" license plates there on trucks and trailers these days.

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