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Aug 10, 2010 10:49 AM

2010 - Gravenstein apple season is here !!!

It must be. When I was reading the SF Chronicle online there was an ad for the Gravenstein Apple Festival. Here's the festival website for details.

Here's my obsessive posts from last year where I tried almost every gravenstein apple in the Sebastopol area and lots of products made with the apples such as cider, pie, etc

Apple-looza: Gravenstein Apple Adventure results

Apple Madness: 2009

Here's a list I put together

Gravenstein Apple Adventures Around Sebastopol

So, what is happening this year? How are the apples? I want my virtual taste.

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  1. Picked up 10lbs from Hale's Sunday. I usually get more but resolved to go back in a week or 2, as these early apples were quit small w/ little red coloration, and the aroma lacked that intoxicating quality I'm used to. This is the earliest I've ever gone on a Grav run.

    The one I just had was very firm, crisp and tart, and sent juices running down my arm.

    Only one vendor at the Sebastopol Farmers market had them, and it was a very small box. The supply of fresh juice at Andy's Produce was light as well.

    Notables I came away with from Andy's cheese selection include: Redwood Hill smoked goat's cheddar; a cheddar from the Loleta Cheese Factory; Valley Ford Estero Gold "Italian farmhouse" cheese.

    Also picked up some very good hummus w/ harissa from "The Hummus Guy" at the farmers market.

    1. I had a gravenstein from Andy's market outside Sebastopol on Sunday and it was amazing. Tart but not too tart. How good of pies do they make?

      Andy's Produce Markets
      1691 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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        My friend Patty, who lives out your way, made an incredibly gorgeous Gravenstein apple tart. I hadn't heard of them until I read her recipe, then found this thread. This post includes a little history of the Gravenstein apple for those who are interested:

      2. Got my first batch from DeVoto last Saturday. They are acidic and very crisp - just the way I like them. Stan DeVoto said it's because we had such cool weather and rain late in the season.

        I made a crumble on Sunday, will do a galette tomorrow. The crumble received raves from my guests on both flavor and texture of the apples.

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        1. re: farmersdaughter

          I bought some from DeVoto too. Nice, crisp and tart. I bought them to try with the Andante Cheddar I bought.

        2. I bought a brown grocery bag filled with the loveliest Gravensteins yesterday from a family with a couple pickup trucks parked on the dusty shoulder of Hwy. 12 near Watertrough Rd.

          $15 for what felt like a generous 15lbs, the bag was completely full.

          These are bursting with that floral-sweet Gravenstein character; they filled our car with an intoxicating aroma and sport beautiful red striations.

          Gravensteins at farmers markets are funny; the market at Walnut Park in Petaluma had just one stand with a shoebox-sized box half-full of tiny Gravs, just like we saw at Sebastopol a few weeks ago.

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          1. re: Pius Avocado III

            I bought some Gravs at the Temescal farmers market last Sunday from a grower that had boxes of both red and green.

          2. Kozlowski Farm is selling its Gravensteins for $1.50/lb. or 20 lbs. for $16. These have a good amount of red and plenty of floral aroma; the one I've eaten was pretty tart.

            Kozlowski Farms
            5566 Hwy 116, Forestville, CA