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Cheap and good around Atwater Metro ?

Not a 'hood that I'm familiar with.

Anything interesting for a simple lunch ? on the cheap side of things, no booze, veggie and meat are both ok options.

I'm open to every kind of food; even sandwich if they are worthy .



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  1. Hiya, Kazu for Japanese and Tapioca Thé for Szechuan would be my #1 choices. Yes, they are a few blocks east of Atwater and technically closer to Guy metro, but if you can swing it, it's worth the extra distance. ;-)

    1. La Maison Bulgogi and 5000 ans for Korean. The former is a bargain though there's zero ambiance; the latter is a little more expensive.

      Le Roi du Won Ton's a bit further afield but always a good bet.

      moh used to work in Westmount Square and one of her regular hangouts was a little Korean-run sushi bar there. See: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4762...

      1. moh's suggestion sounds great, as usual.
        in case it doesn't work out, should you feel like venturing up Greene, there's a very old, very basic luncheonette called Nick's, up near Sherbrooke. I've never had a full meal there but the atmosphere is amazing, and they should be able to get you a decent salad and sandwich.
        chez nick. ha!

        1. The food court of Westmount Square has more than just sushi and most of it would fill your request. Also, 5 saisons on Greene avenue, has prepared meals and what might pass for a terrace on a nice day.

          Then if you are feeling adventurous, there is the pizza cone place in the metro. Lasalle College (just west of du Fort) has a restaurant called Fuchsia that is open from 12 until 2 staffed by their students, it is supposed to be dirt cheap.

          I haven't eaten at either one - and I'm not entirely certain if Fuchsia is open to the public, so despite what I have heard second hand they might in fact be absolutely horrible places. I do not know if I will ever get around to trying the pizza cone, but one of these days I will get to Fuchsia.

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            It is open to the public. I know someone who worked there and she said the food was good quality. I think it is about 8-10 dollars and there is a sit down or buffet option (perhaps depending on the day)... its in the basement.

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              Thank you very much kpaxonite, it has now gone higher on my priority list and I look forward to trying it out.

          2. If you want to do take-away, there's a small selection of prepared foods to go available from Jang-Teu - the Korean place near Maison Bulgogi - including some good gimbap. Bonjour Supermarché on Maisonneuve near Fort also offers take-away dishes that vary from day to day. They also have pretty good bao. I've heard good things about the Indian food at Dad's bagels. Not too far from there is Maison de Kebab on Atwater just south of the Ville-Marie, which is a Persian cab driver favourite.

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              Dad`s is in N.D.G, about a 25 minute walk from Atwater Metro. I used to get stuff there all the time when I lived there and the food`s good but it`s more the novelty of being able to get it anytime of day that makes it special. And their bagels are pretty good, too.

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                Sorry about that, I confused Real Bagel on Ste-Catherine and Greene with Dad's. Show's how much I know.

            2. For sandwiches, there's a Java U on Ste. Catherine at Wood. For the most part, though, this area is a bit of a lunch wasteland - with the exception of Kim's in Wesmount Square - you have to venture a bit further east or west for anything decent.

              1. Avesta café is worth a stop (turkish food) - they make homemade lavash bread in their front window! I've been only once but found the food cheap, good and comforting.

                2077 Ste-Catherine West
                their web site seems down... http://www.restoavesta.com/

                Avesta Cafe Resto
                2077 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3H1M6, CA