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Half priced happy hour food at higher end restaurants.

ronaldpedwards Aug 10, 2010 10:11 AM

Greetings Chowhunders,
I was wondering if any of you might point me in the right direction of some really good happy hour deals at higher end restaurants for food at the bar.
As history, last year I was in Fort Lauderdale and stopped into a Morton’s Steakhouse which was running a special where all of their appetizers were 5 bucks between certain hours. This was a great deal as their sliders and etc. were all high quality and delicious. You could make a meal for 10 or 15 bucks and enjoy the bar crowd.
I have now seen that Roy’s in Plano is running a similar type deal with the following:
All items $5.00 from 5-7pm Sunday through Friday in the bar only
Crunchy Golden Lobster Potstickers Spicy Togarashi Miso Butter Sauce
Lobster California Roll Avocado, Cucumber & Tobiko
Tempura Crusted Spicy Ahi Roll Miso Butter Sauce
Salt & Pepper Crisped Calamari Unique Hawaiian Fusion Sauce Prepared By Your Local Chef
Szechuan Grilled Beef Tenderloin Skewers Kim Chee Cucumber & Sprout Salad
Wagyu Beef Sliders Caramelized Onions, Chipotle Aioli & Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

Do any of you know of anything similar in other places around DFW? I think can be a very pleasant way to spend a few hours and get a nice dinner at a high end place without breaking the bank.
Thanks for any help,

2605 S I Hwy 35 E, Lewisville, TX 75067

  1. h
    HyperSpanner Dec 10, 2010 12:40 PM

    1) Arthur's Prime Steaks and Seafood in Addison: half priced bar food during happy hour

    2) Chamberlain's Fish Market in Addison: half priced bar food during happy hour

    1. k
      kew428 Nov 21, 2010 06:51 AM

      Eddie V's in Uptown has half priced appetizers and wine during happy hour and I believe Nobu is has half priced apps and drinks on Wednesday nights

      Nobu Restaurant
      Hotel Crescent Court, 400 Crescent Court, Dallas, TX 75201

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      1. re: kew428
        Barbara76137 Nov 21, 2010 03:24 PM

        Have you tried the Eddie V's in Fort Worth and do they have the same deal?

      2. Barbara76137 Nov 11, 2010 03:35 PM

        I'd love to know of some places here in Fort Worth.

        1. d
          DarnellErwinFletcher Aug 17, 2010 07:32 AM

          I am a big fan of The Place at Perry's happy hour... Discounted bar menu (which includes their fantastic filet sliders), half priced wines by the glass and $8 martinis....

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          1. re: DarnellErwinFletcher
            Scagnetti Aug 17, 2010 07:48 AM

            That's a damn good deal!

          2. the_sneeb Aug 13, 2010 08:29 AM

            Thursday and Friday we like to hit up Charlie Palmer for Happy Hour. It's a great deal.

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            1. re: the_sneeb
              ronaldpedwards Aug 16, 2010 02:21 PM

              Thanks all, I will let you know what we think.

            2. a
              Analisas mom Aug 10, 2010 10:32 AM

              This may not be high end enough but last nght we went to House of Blues in downtown and they ut all of their appitizers for $5.00 between 4-7 huge portions and wine $3.00 a glass and beer specials also. It's a fun place to go we even had a couple of kids with us as we we're going to AA center to aconcert later. We would definitely go back again for the good deals.

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              1. re: Analisas mom
                DallasDude Aug 13, 2010 07:05 AM

                Morton's does have a pretty good happy hour special at the bar foodwise. AND they just updated that menu.

                Also a fan of Five Sixty and their happy hour specials. I have tried most everything on their happy hour menu and they are all a good value and delicious.

                1. re: DallasDude
                  pgwiz1 Nov 11, 2010 06:48 AM

                  What days of the week does Five Sixty have happy hour specials?

                  1. re: pgwiz1
                    DallasDude Nov 12, 2010 08:06 PM


                    Charlie Palmer at the Joule has a terrific half price menu Thursdays I believe. Everything greatness, but the charcuterie platter is a deal at 5 bucks.

              2. air Aug 10, 2010 10:32 AM

                You're on the right track with Morton's. Ruth's Chris and Sullivans would also be similar, though I haven't been to any within DFW so I can't speak for them. I'll check out Roy's if I'm in that area.

                I've had mixed experiences with happy hours all over town. My suggestions won't necessarily qualify as higher end places, but they'd be more in line with a happy hour that has higher quality than pub grub, poorly mixed wells, and cheap macro specials. My go-to's for happy hour are Mccormick & Shmick's, Lumi, and Sushi Robata.

                Back when I was a college student, I had heard countless praise for the overhyped Kona Grill at Northpark. Never understood why there were always scrambles for tables at this loud and obnoxious place that had terrible food and inept bartenders that have no clue how to pour a decent pint. I quickly defected over to much more comfortably paced Mccormick & Schmick's happy hour. The menu had hit a lull over the past few months, but they brought back the better items like fried pickles and sweet potato fries, which are hard to complain about at $1.95 a pop. And show me a non-fast food place that serves a cooked to order half pound burger for $2.95, rather than at least $10+ as a dinner entree. IMO this is the highlight of the food menu. They just need to bring back my personal favorite, the vanilla mousse (which was $1.95).

                For drinks, cocktails are average price, but it is nice to see they recently switched over to Franconia Knotty Brunette as the draft choice, very good deal at $3.50 for a pint. I like that much more than Ziegenbock plus glad to see it is no longer a Twin Peaks exclusive.
                On some days you can get some pretty good (not amazing) seafood like oysters or mussels. All in all not bad especially for the price. Sometimes the mussels are even $1.95. I miss the days when oyster shooters were that much.
                The hours are 4-6:30, and 9-close. On sunday's its 4-close. They don't do it on saturdays. If you are in other cities with a M&S, seek it out. Especially if you are in Boston as their HH menu includes Boston Creme pies and massive crab cakes. Even the appetizer-sized portion is enormous.

                Lumi Empanada Kitchen has some interesting cocktails/specialty drinks. Empanadas and dumplings are half off, there may be some more items. I suggest getting the Lumi Lychee and the Jalapeno margarita and I really liked the spinach, portabello and mozarella empanada.

                Although Sushi Robata doesn't have food specials, I will plug them because where else can you get a 22 oz draft pour of Kirin Ichiban for $2 as well as several different varieties of chu-hai (of the same size) for $3.
                More on chu-hai:

                I also need to make my way over to the 560 happy hour, with an assortment of small plates for $5.60 a piece. Have heard many good things.

                Last here's a good article that sums up a lot of others. Didn't even know they had discounts at places like Samar, The Library or Charlie Palmer. Look under the "Fancy Feasting" subheader.

                Also look up the Pegasus News happy hour map which is quite handy if you need to find a happy hour in a particular area. Has helped me out if I'm in unfamiliar territory.

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