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Aug 10, 2010 09:50 AM

Williamstown Ma Help

Will be in Williamstown soon and would like some help with a breakfast, lunch and casual dinner spot.


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  1. Does anyone has any thoughts about eating in Williamstown MA?

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      In Williamstown, Hot Tomatoes is good for pizza. I would agree that the prospects for better food lie south in Pittsfield, where there are separate threads.

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        Have to agree about Hot Tomatoes. I'm normally gluten-free, but I endure days of sore joints for their fantastic thin-crusted pizza; we create our own garlic/bacon/mushroom pie, and it's sensational. While the food's not fancy, the '6 Pub on Rt. 7 offers a varied menu, patio dining and consistently good food. We used to love the Greek food at Michael's, which unfortunately closed in the last few months. Pedrin's on Rt. 8 is worth the drive for the incredible onion rings. I'm afraid most of the best places left in the county tend to be in Pittsfield and the southern Berkshire towns. The Indian place in Lee is fantastic. Good luck.

      2. It's take-out, not eat-in, but I'd like to recommend the fairly new (October, 2009) A Bakery at the intersection of US 7 and US 2 across from Lindley Park south of Williamstown. Housed in a small A-frame structure with the frame painted purple (and with several large purple concrete cubes placed out front) this small-batch bakery makes excruciatingly good muffins and cakes. On our way home to Westchester County from our recent stay in the Berkshires, we picked up a slice of their lemon-poppy bundt cake, an apple-raisin muffin, and an apricot brioche, along with a cup of fair-trade coffee. The day after, all but the brioche retained every bit their fresh deliciousness, and the brioche was still tasty, though it clearly would have been better the day it was made. If you are in the north county and need a special cake, this is the place to go. Heck, it would be worth a drive over from Troy.

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          I tried A Bakery once, and found the muffin to be bland and dry, and the croissant not at the level I was looking for--to each their own? But can't recommend it as a special place.
          Am not a fan of too much just in Williamstown. The Thai place is OK; same for the Indian (which is pricey, and there's better Indian food in Pittsfield and Lee.) Both are on Spring St.
          I'd head south towards Pittsfield and beyond if that is feasible for more inexpensive and interesting food. Do a search of the board for beyond Williamstown.
          If you want not too expensive (it's pricey for a drive-in) authentic Berkshire summer eating, try
          Pedrin's on Rt 8 south of North Adams.....good home made onion rings.
          I don't know when you'll be here, but this is Wilco weekend at Mass MoCA and north county spots will be busy, especially the cheap ones!

        2. Thanks. Couldn't get into Mezze. Wound up at Water St. and agree with other posts, very mediocre. Did go to the A Frame Bakery and thought the chocolate truffle cookies were to die for and at 3 for $1.50 was a great find.

          1. I like the 1896 House. Quaint pubish food.

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              I gotta agree. We had dinner at the '6 House Pub this past weekend (Friday night, I think) and really loved it. Great menu choices and interesting cocktails in a cozy (but not tight), warm pubby environment. I had the lobster bisque - could have been a touch hotter, but the flavor was incredible - and the Friday night Fish -n- Chips special. OMG. That fish was amazing. I couldn't eat all of it, so we boxed up the leftovers and I picked at the leftovers the next day, mostly pulling the firm, flavorful fish out of the breading and devouring it. I swear, it tasted like the ocean - in a good way. The pub fries (wedges) were quite tasty as well. My SO also seemed to really enjoyed his French dip and tasty onion rings. We almost went back for lunch on Sunday before heading out of town, but opted to hold off until we got to Pittsfield, where we thoroughly enjoyed the $9.95 Sunday buffet at Aroma Bar & Grill.

              Other good meals we enjoyed while in the Berkshires: Thanksgiving prix-fixe supper at Gala, the restaurant at The Orchards hotel, where we stayed. They did a very good job with the turkey and trimmings, and my SO enjoyed a delicious hunk of Prime Rib. The pumkpin pie was among the best, most flavorful I've ever tasted and the maple butter they served with the bread was pure heaven! We enjoyed really good breakfasts at Big Shirl's Kitchen and at the Moonlight Diner across the street from our hotel. I had low expectations for the diner, but my super veggie omelet was outstanding - really fresh ingredients and it looked and tasted great. And the price was sure right! We had a pretty good late lunch at Sushi Thai Garden, although my feeling is that they try to do too much, offering sushi/Japanese, Thai and Chinese, so perhaps none of it is really great. The teriyaki salmon and chicken we had hit the spot though, and it was affordably priced. The Thai iced tea was delicious, but that's kind of hard to screw up, right? ;-)

              Anyway, those are my takes on a few places in the area. Hope they are helpful to others. I know a few of the spots we tried were based on CH recs, and I'm grateful for that. :-)