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Aug 10, 2010 09:15 AM

Romantic, tasty (but not trendy) restaurant recommendations for Los Angeles, along the lines of Off Vine or Anisette?

It's my parents 35-year wedding anniversary, and I'd like to take them out to dinner.
I live in Brooklyn and am not in the know about the Los Angeles restaurant scene. They love Anisette and Off Vine, and enjoyed the food and decor at Bouchon but found it too snotty.

They love New American food, seafood and French food... Any recommendations on a beautiful setting -- though not too pretentious and definitely not trendy -- that they might enjoy?

Thanks for any recommendations!

Off Vine
6263 Leland Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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  1. You might want to give Vinoteque a looksie-they have a great patio, perfect for summertime.

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      Another great patio is at Cafe des Artistes. They might also like the French food.

    2. The decor is not as inspiring as some other places around town, but I've really been enjoying the food at Rustic Canyon Wine Bar lately. Atmosphere is nice though -- and not at all snooty in my experience.

      Rustic Canyon Wine Bar
      1119 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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        These all look great, thank you all so much!

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          I second Rustic Canyon. I went in to try their acclaimed burger (which was good and -- get this -- you could actually *dictate to the kitchen* what you wanted in condiments) but found other items much more to my liking, many small plates of lovely grub, including a decent cheese selection. There were nice wines by the glass, a delicious port for the cheese, and the service was friendly and competent. The night we were there, all age groups appeared in the interesting mix of people.

        2. Josie's in Santa Monica: New American, pretty and elegant, not pretentious, great service, great food and quiet enough for conversation.

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          1. re: whatsfordinner

            Ditto on Josie. Nice setting, good food, not pretentious or trendy.

            1. re: Nicole

              I would definitely recommend Josie -- it's elegant without being stuffy and it's got wonderful food. If they can go on a Wed night, they can get Josie's farmers market menu, which is a wonderfully executed, seasonal menu.

          2. I always liked Mirabelle Restaurant on Sunset. Not snooty, nice interior, great food and service. I love their raw oysters! Congrats to the parents!

            1. i'd go for Lilly's French Cafe in venice on abbot kinney.
              specifically ask for a table overlooking the amazing garden.

              Lilly's French Cafe & Bar
              1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291