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Best Barbecue

A couple of friends and I are traveling through the Dallas area for only one day. We are from New York and are looking for only the best barbecue restaurant in the area... Any suggestions?

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  1. Will you have a car, and what time of day were you looking at having BBQ?

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      Haha, I had a slight feeling about the responses to follow. Anyway, i ask these questions because if the timing and your transportation work out, drive to Garland and head to Meshack's, which would be the least distance choice as you'll have to leave Dallas to have good bbq.

    2. Will you be anywhere near Austin?

      1. # 1 according to D Magazine.

        Off the Bone BBQ @ 1734 South Lamar St., TX 214 - 565 - 9551.

        Off the Bone
        1734 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215

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          This is not to be confused with the one in Fort Worth, which is the real number one. Both Off the Bone and Longoria's in FW, along with Meshacks are all worth driving for.


        2. The BBQ in NY is better than the BBQ in Dallas!

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            Oh c'mon, twin. I used to complain about the bbq in nyc all the time when I lived there. At least Dallas (well, Garland) has some excellent bbq at Meshack's.

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              I have to try Meshack's. You and others rave so much about the place, I'll go ASAP.

          2. Yeah Dallas is not known for its BBQ. Good steaks maybe, but certainly not BBQ.


            1. Here we go again with McRage on Dallas BBQ. I truly believe that many folks have picked up this BBQ snobbery simply because they see it as the cool thing to do. There is good tasting, good textured bbq to be found locally - particularly for those of us who just aren't a fan of the overly rated, overly fatty stuff served in central TX.

              Dallas includes 100's of square miles, particularly if you include immediate suburbs. So it would help if the planned route through Dallas would be mentioned. But for sure, avoid any and all references to any location of Sonny Bryan and Dickey's - both used to be independent, single location joints serving good mom-and-pop bbq. Both have since franchised and are beneath terrible. Spring Creek isn't much better and should also be avoided.

              Take a look at this web-site for perhaps more BBQ info that you care to absorb - but it's chocked full of info......

              Spring Creek Restaurants
              4108 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

              1. I've found both locations of Smokey John's to serve satisfying Q

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                  also see the bbq snob's recent review of the Pecan Lodge at shed #2 at the Dallas Farmer's Market. Looks promising.

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                    Right on sneeb. They do some things very well, but brisket products is all you nwill find. I did see an employee taking home ribs, and I am sure they dcater these, but not on the Shed 2 menu. The brisket tacos are great as is this enormous sandwich they make. Chef driven and quality product.

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                      Guess I'll have to give the Pecan Lodge another try the next time I'm at the Farmer's Market in another 10 years!! While I respect FCG (I linked them above), I have disagreed with them before and this would be one of those times.

                      The bbq I had from PL about 6 weeks ago looked nothing like the FCG pics nor did it taste like their description. What they showed me when I asked about take-home, came in a cryovac pkg - from "where" is unknown. The brisket was very fatty - not with the top slab of fat, but within the internal grain having a weird "look" and texture. The ribs were very meaty with ok taste, but nothing smokey. More like they'd been oven cooked with a *very* heavy rub/glaze.