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Aug 10, 2010 08:33 AM

good pub & grub near FedEx Field

Driving up from Richmond to attend the Virginia Tech/Boise State football game on Labor Day Monday at FedEx field. Would like to find a pub with good micros on tap and decent pub food to "tailgate" at before the game. Looking at Old Town, but would like to find a place even closer to Landover, MD if possible. We'll have about a 8 adults and 4 teens. Thanks!

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  1. Franklin's Brewpub in Hyattsville is about 15 minutes from the stadium so its technically probably the closest place worth visiting according to your criteria (theres really nothing right around the stadium itself unless you want endless fast food or similar). Their beers arent bad and Ive enjoyed their pulled pork and pizzas although others have said less than flattering things about some of the menu choices. Dont expect gourmet. Its a pretty good choice based on what you are looking for and considering how close it is. And they are kid friendly too.

    If you were coming from the north Id say stop at DuClaw in Bowie but theres no point if you are driving from Virginia.

    Now personally, my recommendation would be just come nice and early WITH good brew and a grill or two and actually tail gate on site. Its by far the best way to be able to eat/drink whatever you want. There are beers in my fridge that Id much rather have then anything on tap within 15 miles of the stadium personally... Plus then you get your fill and dont have to resort to the overpriced piss poor choices Dan Snyder gives you inside.

    1. Gina I work close to the stadium and like Rex said, it's a wasteland of chain type places anywhere near the stadium. I would tailgate at the stadium, with so many Va Tech alumni in the metro area it should be a very festive crowd. I guess I should preface that by saying "if" Danny Boy is letting people tailgate. If there is a buck to be made, his hand is in it.

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        Thanks for your input. I had a feeling there was little in the immediate area. Tailgating would be our usual preference, but I've heard horror stories about the lack of "facilities" for those outside the stadium. Is this so? Plus, if the weather doesn't break soon I can't see spending several hours on the sweltering asphalt with no shade, breeze or bathrooms.

        1. re: Gina Miller

          Yeah sometimes theres lines for the portajohns unfortunately although if you are male there are of course other options...

          And it looks like that Monday will have highs in the low 80s so it should be just fine for tailgating.