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Aug 10, 2010 08:29 AM

Dinner reservations for seven?

My wife and I will be taking our children + a couple of spouses to Paris in a few months. The total group will consist of seven adults. Partly because their tastes run in this direction and partly for budgetary reasons (yours truly will be picking up all tabs), we likely will picnic at noon and focus our dinners on old-school places (Quincy, Josephine, Chez George (2d arr.), La Grille and maybe one of the brasseries), wine bars (Les Papilles, La Cave Beauvau, Le Bistral) and maybe one or two newer, moderate places (perhaps Le Reminet or Itineraires). I am familiar with all these places but have never considered them in the context of a larger group. Hence, my questions: (1) are the places just named able to accommodate a group of seven at one table? (2) will they accept dinner reservations at a prime time hour (say, 8:30 or 9:00) for a group of that size? We don't require private rooms, and I would prefer to avoid them. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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  1. I know Les Papilles does (2).
    La Régalade S.H. does large-party tables (7, 8 persons) on non-wkend evenings.
    For most restos, 8pm should be no problem. Dunno about 9.

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    1. I would advocate against la Grille, which is not good anymore. I don't think a table of seven would be a problem for any of the places you mention. 9pm seatings are usually not a problem except on friday and saturday nights.

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        Hee hee, the same folks love it now as liked it "then". Or so some wit said.

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          Well, they're wrong. Some things are matters of taste, but quality is not.

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            Are you saying they are wrong now or were always wrong?