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Aug 10, 2010 08:17 AM

Penny Bistro -- Liberian food in Levittown

I had never had Liberian food before, and when I found that I could get a certificate for a place serving that, which was nearby, I couldn't resist. I called before going and found that they no long took the certificates. However, my wife and I went in spite of that.

It is a small place with a counter and tables in the rear. A fairly large menu with lots of unfamiliar dishes. We ordered two main dishes and an appetizer. The appetizer and one of the entrees were sold out. We reordered and had "palm butter with rice" and "plantain and gravy". The gravy was chicken. The palm butter came with some beef, chicken and very chewy morsels of bluefish. The flavor profiles of each dish were unlike anything I have had before. I look forward to trying the restaurant again.

No desserts, no interesting beverages and the credit card machine wasn't working, but who cares when the food is so good.

You can see a menu at, at least until they remove it.

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  1. You may want to contact are still selling discounted certificates for this restaurant. I would not be happy had I purchased one and then been told they choose to no longer accept them.

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      I did contract them and they gave me a credit.

    2. Thanks for posting. I look forward to trying it. I had no idea a restaurant like this existed in Levittown. I can't find much info about it online either.

      1. Looks like the link is now disabled.