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Aug 10, 2010 08:10 AM

Best restaurants for 2 days & nights in Philly

Hi --

BF and I are going for 2 nights to Philly and are looking to eat at some great places while we are there. Thinking about Veltri for one night and Amada for another night and then possibly Amis or Osteria for a lunch. What do you think? Any other suggestions or better options? Not too worried about price and defintely don't care about type of food -- we eat and enjoy all cuisines. Thanks!

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  1. Just found out that Veltri will be closed when we are there, so now I am thinking Osteria and Amada for dinner. Any other suggestions? What would you suggest for lunch/brunch?

    1. What days? Some places are closed on certain days, and if it's soon some places may be booked up already. Without knowing that:

      Dinner: Zahav and Bibou (Bibou may not be an option if your visit is in the near future, it's small and books up well in advance). Osteria and Amada are decent choices as well but Zahav and Bibou are better.

      Lunch: Kanella (Thursday through Sunday only) and Han Dynasty. Amada does a good lunch too.

      1. Dinner -- Osteria and Bibou. Zahav is very different but we prefer Osteria & Bibou.
        Lunch -- Amada, Fork or Farmacia

        1. I think Osteria and Amada are both excellent choices. I also love Zahav and Bibou (I wouldn't say they are better, just different). Anyone I send to any of these places raves about them. It really comes down to what kind of food/atmosphere you prefer. Of all of these Bibou is a BYOB, so you'd need to bring your own wine (no corkage).

          For a much more casual lunch, I'd suggest the Reading Terminal Market, which is a very Philly experience, with lots of wonderful food choices (and some not so good ones, so do some research if you choose this option). I also really like Garces Trading Company for lunch. Other good lunches include Matyson (byo), Parc, Distrito, and Morimoto.

          Have fun!

          1. Just be careful wherever you go. I know that Amis and Osteria are not open for lunch on Saturdays if it helps while Amada is if it helps. I'd second the Reading Terminal suggestion, especially on a Wednesday through Saturday when the Amish merchants are open. Not to be overly critical of your Amis and Osteria choices, but it may be a bit redundant. I would choose Amada over GTC any day (my last visit to GTC was a bit of a let down). And Zahav is a great choice if you get the Mesibah (they are also closed on Saturdays for lunch).