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Aug 10, 2010 07:41 AM

Big Top Candy Shop

Has anyone been to Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress? I kind of assumed it was just a tourist-y spot, but apparently they carry Dude, Sweet Chocolate from Dallas-which is now my favorite chocolate in the WORLD.

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  1. It's definitely better than the usual bulk candy store you'd find in the mall. I have not tried any of their soda shop menu items, but I do like to go in and make my own mix of salt water taffy. The bulk prices seem reasonable to me.

    1. I have been to Big Top Candy Shop several times because of they stock some rare, unusual candy brands. I've also had their egg creams.

      I've been forced to look elsewhere for my rare, unusual candy, because the prices are a little high. I don't recall any price examples, though. I've only had a few egg creams in my life, so I don't know how authentic they are, but they taste damned good.

      If you find yourself on South Congress, it is definitely worth stopping by. It's a fun joint and a nice change from the tchotchkes every place else sells.

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      1. re: Rice Checks

        Agreed. Worth a stop, but perhaps not a special trip. If you're looking for something specific and hard to find, they might have it, but you might also find a better deal online.

        Also, I tried the egg cream, and I could barely taste any egg or cream in the durn thing! ;-P

        1. re: willtryanythingonce

          I made a trip today, and was able to re-up on Dude, Sweet Chocolate. I also tried the handmade fountain RC Cola, which didn't quite have the bite I am looking for in a cola.

      2. I LOVE Big Top. I'm a native New Yorker and I think their egg creams are fantastic. They were also featured on the food network making a cucumber soda...haven't tried it yet, but it sounded delicious. I think it's a fun place to visit to try out new candy...and, of course, it's lots of fun to bring kids there. I also love the old-school auditorium seats they have to sit on...takes me back to my nyc public school days.

        1. Isn't this the place that has chocolate covered bacon?

          1. I wonder if they carry Toffifee. Used to be the only place you could get it was Michael's Crafts and now they don't even carry it.

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            1. re: amysuehere

              I swear I saw this in an HEB check out rack this weekend...
              I will re-confirm and post back.

              1. re: dinaofdoom

                Part of me wants you to be right and part of me (that's trying to get rid of the muffin top) does not.

                1. re: amysuehere

                  Amy, Fry's Electronics has Toffifay. I bought two today and they had plenty left. Looks like they stock them regularly, but I never remembered to look until now.

                  1. re: stephanieh

                    Yeah! Thanks for the heads up stephanieh!

                    1. re: stephanieh

                      Fry's also carries the hard-to-find Jaw Busters by Ferrara Pan.