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Aug 10, 2010 07:15 AM

Eastern Shore of Virginia -- Accomac, Onancock, Cape Charles, etc.

Hounds -- Friends and family are biciyling from the north end of the Eastern Shore of Va to the south and back, on Labor Day weekend, about 75 miles each way. Looking for lunch spots along the way (BBQ or seafood would be a plus), and dinner in Cape Charles. Have heard good things about Sting-Rays in Cape Charles but have not been.

There's very little on this or other boards, and even less that is current -- would appreciate your thoughts.

Sting-Ray's Restaurant
26507 Lankford Hwy, Cape Charles, VA 23310

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  1. Where's you trip originate. Does it start in Accomac and return there turning around in St. Charles. Thanks.

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      Saw your post on Wash DC-Baltimore board -- thanks. We are starting in Oak Hall or thereabouts, riding south to finish in/near Cape Charles (staying at Rittenhouse Motor Lodge), then returning south to north -- so looking for lunch spots that are roughly in the middle.

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        This must be a 2 day trip. One day going S and the next going back N. I will rearrange my post and add more for you. Good luck.

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          Correct, we are overnighting near Cape Charles. It's more like 75 miles because we are taking the scenic route and not riding on Rt 13, too many trucks. So it looks like our best bet for lunch would be in Accomac or Onancock when headed south, and in Exmore or Wachapreague headed north.

          Thanks for the great suggestions -- we will provide a full post when we get back.

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            Island House Restaurant in Washapreague, VA would be a good choice for lunch overlooking the harbor.

            Island House Restaurant @ 17 Atlantic Avenue, Wachapreague, VA 757 - 787 - 4242.

            I would try the Diner or Seaside Family Restaurant in Exmore, VA.

            Exmore Diner @ 4264 Main Street, Exmore, VA 757 - 442 - 2313,
            Seaside Family Restaurant @ 3435 Charles M Lankford Junior Memorial Highway, Exmore, VA 757 - 414 - 0175.

    2. It's 60 miles or so from Oak Hall to Cape Charles. The only BBQ restaurant in the area is Woody's in Chiccoteague, VA but that's out of your way. Onancock is not quite half way to Cape Chrles but there are good places to dine there. I would have lunch at Mallard's at the Wharf which offers outstanding fresh seafood as well as a gorgeous waterfront view. They also offer BBQ as well as sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood and steaks for lunch and dinner. Take Highway 179 W in Onley and go a couple of miles to the Mallard's right on the waterfront in Onancock, VA on Market St. There's music entertainment on Sunday PM. Open daily. Mallard's has a Sidewalk Cafe in Accomac, VA on Highway 13. It's open for lunch and serves nice salads, sandwiches and seafood.

      Exmore Diner has been around since 1954. It's located on Highway 13 and open for breakfast, lunch or dinner serving outstanding sandwiches, seafood and steaks. Eastville Inn serves outstanding lunch and dinner but they closed on Monday/Tuesday.

      Sting-Ray’s Seafood Restaurant, the Eastern Shore Pottery, a Convenience store/Exxon Station, and an RV and boat storage facility are all located in Cape Center a few miles S of Onancock, VA on Highway 13. It's not fine dining but the seafood is fresh, there's BBQ and steaks also. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are outstanding. Sting Ray's is 4 miles S of your hotel. It's only 3 miles from your hotel to Cape Charles, VA. You can take Parson's Circle W from the hotel then N to Highway 184 or Stone Road and you won't have to get back on HIghway 13 if you want to have dinner in Cape Charles on the waterfront. It's nice town to visit. Head there at the end of your trip on bikes rather thana the hotel and have drinks then dinner and bike back to the hote. You might try Sting Ray's for breakfast the next day then head N to Oak Hall.

      If you decide on Cape Charles and you desire gourmet dining I would have dinner at Agua Restaurant at Bay Creek Resort. If you wish for more casual I would have dinner at Kelly's Gourmet Pub. Kelly's is located in an old bank building and the atmosphere is outstanding. There's a big beer menu and great seafood and steaks. I would park my bike outside and have some cold drinks then dinner and bike back to the hotel.

      Woody's Beach BBQ @ 6700 Maddox Blvd., Chincoteague, VA 410 - 430 - 4429.

      Mallard's at the Wharf @ 2 Market Street, Onancock, VA 757 - 787 - 8558.

      Mallard's Sidewalk Cafe @ 23410 Front Street, Accomac, VA 757 - 787 - 7321.

      Exmore Diner @ 4264 Main Street, Exmore, VA 757 - 442 - 2313,

      Eastville Inn @ 16422 Courthouse Road, Eastville, VA 757 - 678 - 5745.

      Sting Ray's Restaurant @ 26507 Lankford Hwy., Cape Charles, VA 757 - 331 - 1541.

      Agua Restaurant at Bay Creek Resort @ 1 Marina Road, Cape Charles, VA 757 - 331 - 8660.

      Kelly's Gingernut Pub @ 133 Mason Avenue, Cape Charles, VA 757 - 331 - 3222.

      1. A lunchtime seafood suggestion:
        The Great Machipongo Clam Shack
        6468 Lankford Highway
        Route 13@Nassawadox, Virginia 23413
        26 Miles North of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

        The Great MacHipongo Clam Shack
        6468 Lankford Hwy, Exmore, VA 23350