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Aug 10, 2010 07:12 AM

Eastern Shore of Virginia -- Accomac, Onancock, Cape Charles, etc.

Hounds -- Friends and family are biciyling from the north end of the Eastern Shore of Va to the south and back, on Labor Day weekend, about 75 miles each way. Looking for lunch spots along the way (BBQ or seafood would be a plus), and dinner in Cape Charles. Have heard good things about Sting-Rays in Cape Charles but have not been.

I will also try this on Mid-Atlantic Board, but thought you all might have ideas.

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  1. Would that include Chincoteague? If so, there is a really good BBQ place there, called Woody's. Outdoor seating only, but really good BBQ sandwiches, sides. There's also a non-BBQ sandwich shop, though we've never been there, because we like the BBQ so much. Is it possible this is the best BBQ in Virignia?


    1. Sting-Ray’s Seafood Restaurant, the Eastern Shore Pottery, a Convenience store/Exxon Station, and an RV and boat storage facility are all located in Cape Center. It's not fine dining but the seafood is fresh, there's BBQ and steaks also. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are outstanding. Go W 4/5 blocks on Willow Oak Rd. in Eastville to Courthouse Rd.

      Eastville Inn serves outstanding lunch and dinner but they close on Monday/Tuesday.

      Exmore Diner has been around since 1954. It's located on Highway 13 and open for breakfast, lunch or dinner serving outstanding sandwiches, seafood and steaks.

      Mallard's at the Wharf in Onancock, VA has outstanding BBQ, sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood and steaks for lunch and dinner. Take Highway 179 W in Onley and go a couple of miles to the Mallard's right on the waterfront in Onancock, VA on Market St. There's music entertainment on Sunday PM. Open daily.

      Mallard's has a Sidewalk Cafe in Accomac, VA on Highway 13. It's open for lunch and serves nice salads, sandwiches and seafood.

      The Inn and Garden Cafe is located on Market St. in Onancock, VA about a mile from Highway 13. They are open for dinner only and serve outstanding Eastern Shore cuisine in their dining room or their four season gazebo outdoors.

      Flamenco is a European Restaurant in Onancock, VA open for dinner only and closed on Monday. They serve some of the best seafood on the Eastern Shore. It's in town on the right on N Street just before the waterfront.

      Sting Ray's Restaurant @ 26507 Lankford Hwy., Cape Charles, VA 757 - 331 - 1541.

      Eastville Inn @ 16422 Courthouse Road, Eastville, VA 757 - 678 - 5745.

      Exmore Diner @ 4264 Main Street, Exmore, VA 757 - 442 - 2313,

      Mallard's at the Wharf @ 2 Market Street, Onancock, VA 757 - 787 - 8558.

      Mallard's Sidewalk Cafe @ 23410 Front Street, Accomac, VA 757 - 787 - 7321.

      The Inn and Garden Cafe @ 145 Market Street, Onancock, VA 757 - 787 - 8850.

      Flamenco @ 4 North Street, Onancock, VA 757 - 787 - 7780.

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        This is a nice list. Are these restaurants making a special trip from the DC area, for a chowtrip or are they mostly good restaurants if you happen to be in the area? Which ones, if any, would you travel 2-3 hours for? Thanks.

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          I enthusiastically second the recommendation for Sting-Ray's! Who can beat such good food served basically in a gas station?

          To answer your second question, I don't think I'd drive all the way to Kiptopeke from Silver Spring just for that, but it's a must-do when I'm anywhere near it.