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Aug 10, 2010 06:58 AM

Coven, Salem

Another Buywithme deal. Does anyone know anything about this bakery/cafe? If I buy it I'll have an excuse to visit my favorite chocolate shop also in Salem....Turtle Alley!

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  1. Hi tweetie--
    I am hesitant to reply as I am an "out of towner," being a visitor from Portland, ME. My inlaws live in Salem and my SIL is gluten free. She strongly suggested Coven on a lazy (and hungover) Sunday morning for breakfast sandwiches. She was able to order an egg and cheese on a gluten free bagel. She loves it. I found their regular bagels to be dry and uneventful. I ended up eating my egg and cheese off my bagel and leaving the bagel to die on its own. Coven appears to have a lengthy sandwich menu for lunch (compared to its now limited breakfast menu). Despite the limited (and awkward) breakfast menu, I did enjoy the nostalgic decor. For those of us in our early 30s, the board games, vinyls, figurines (all from the 80s and 90s) made our visit worth it. I definitely believe that once Coven finds its groove, they will be a hit in Salem. As an out of towner (and fellow restaurateur), I am rooting for them. They are worth the visit, even if it just to see how much they have added to their original concept.