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Aug 10, 2010 06:51 AM

Giant Zucchini

I just harvested a zucchini that looks like a watermelon. It's bigger than my forearm in both length and circumference. It was hiding under a zucchini leaf and I didn't see it until it had become utterly huge. The darn thing probably weighs 3 lbs.

Here's the question: what to do with it? I know it's going to have a lot of seeds that I will want to remove, but does anyone have any ideas of how to use it? Stuff it? Use it to bat at a pitched tomato? Is there any way to freeze part of it?

All suggestions taken with great interest.

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  1. Take a picture of it, preferably with some normal sized produce (zucchini?) to show the scale. Seriously! I don't think I've ever seen a zucchini that big.

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    1. re: nofunlatte

      I've done the same thing, sometimes those guys hide out and get ridiculously huge. See attached photos...
      I've cut and grilled them up, but not as good as when they're the proper size... could be better used for bread maybe?

      1. re: ArizonaDave

        My, AZDave, that's a mighty impressive zucchini you have there.

        1. re: ArizonaDave

          I once shredded a monster like this in my food processer and parceled into bread sized portions (about 2 cups, i think), froze and made into really good zucchini breads for christmas gift giving (bought aluminum loaf pans and red and green plastic wrap... came out great

      2. Roast the seeds. salt a little olive oil stir on a cookie sheet until golden. Throw out the rest of the monster!!!

          1. re: delong99

            This was a good recipe (although I didn't use Old Bay...just used a mix of spices an herbs).

            I would think you'd want to get the water out of the zucchini and the onion, but the recipe doesn't reference this.

          2. I like to use the monsters for bread. Peel, de-seed, and grate. You can squeeze a little of the liquid out and then freeze in 2-cup portions (or whatever your recipe calls for ). When you defrost, there will be a lot of liquid in the bag- I don't drain it all off, because I figure the recipe expected the liquid to be there... though I may be wrong.

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              Wrap the shredded zucchini in a clean kitchen towel and wring out the water. Cups will fall out-- that's water that will just serve to wash out the flavor of your zucchini bread.

              Mr Taster

            2. I'd treat it as I'd treat a marrow (same thing really). Split down the length; scrape out seeds; fill with cooked spicy meat mixture of your choice; reform; wrap in tinfoil and bake until it's all cooked through.

              It won't be the most delicious veg you eat all week - but it will be the most recent.