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Aug 10, 2010 06:43 AM

Road Trip: SF-->Portland-->Seattle (+national parks in between)! Help me plan (please).

I'm very exited to be leaving NY for SF at the end of September and taking a leisurely journey for 10 days north, with stops at Redwoods, Crater Lake, Portland, Seattle, and whatever else interests us along the way. Would love to get all of your recommendations for things like: great local breakfast and lunch options, both in the cities and along the way. Cheap is good! And great dinner spots to relax at the end of the day, both low-key and local as well as nicer must-eats. All kinds of cuisines welcome, especially local fare. Budget conscious in general, but willing to splurge a bit one or two nights on the trip.

Would also be open to hearing about good places to stay along the way in between destinations.

Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. by Redwood do you mean the Redwoods? You'll be coming 1/101 to US199, I assume.
    here's a recent thread from AP's visit.
    Start there....
    then ask more questions....

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      Thanks! Looks like I have to educate myself a bit on the route/towns.

    2. If you like wine and/or beer, that helps with routes too. :)
      SF, Portland, and Seattle are their own boards, so you'll have to ask separately for your big city recs.

      1. Have a good drive. I would suggest stopping and seeing a play in Ashland at OSF if you like theater. This season the standouts are Hamlet and Pride & Prejudice. There are a number of posts on the board for good places to eat in and around Ashland, but I recommend the Black Sheep for a casual, but very good pub meal;
        Hana if you like sushi/tempura; and Brothers for a casual breakfast or lunch We tried Blue (Greek) recently and it was good, but not great and expensive and also very slow and disorganized, but if you like Greek food it might be worth it. Agave is also a good bet for a quick, inexpensive meal in Ashland.

        On the road near Ashland and an excellent place to stop is the Rouge Creamery just north of Medford. A fun place to tour and wonderful cheeses and they are very nice there.

        Between Seattle and Portland there is a good Mexican place in Centralia - La Tarasca:

        Maryhill Museum is well worth a detour - if only just to see the replica of Stonehenge. It is also a beautiful location on the bank of the Columbia River. Not a lot of great dining around there, but worth the trip.

        Also somewhat off the beaten path just outside of Eugene is the Wagon Yard BBQ.

        In Portland we always like to stop at Kenny and Zuke's for deli food.

        There are tons of places in Seattle and Portland too - just depends on your interests and how long you are going to be here. Some ideas in Seattle are Café Presse; Salumi; Etta's or any other Tom Douglas restaurant.

        Copperleaf just South of Seattle is a very good example of Northwest dining that is not horribly expensive and is very good and the setting is wonderful.

        La Tarasca
        1001 W Main St, Centralia, WA 98531

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