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Aug 10, 2010 06:09 AM

Catalina Island

Planning a day trip to Catalina Island. Are the any chow worthy places to eat there? I would also consider any restaurant near the ferry. Thanks again in advance.

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  1. The best restaurant I have found on Catalina is in Two Harbors, not Avalon. Of course its the only restaurant in Two Harbors, but it is surprisingly good. The specials are particularly delightful. There isn't anything to do in Two Harbors but boat, swim, dive, fish, or hike but that's why I love it. Enjoy!

    1. Love Avalon and we'll be there next week on the boat and while Avalon isn't known for its food, there are some fav's that are a must when in Avalon.
      First of all, Eric's on the pier is a must for a cheeseburger and cold beer.
      Love the Buffalo Nickel by the heliport..
      I like Descano Beach Club (left of the Casino) for a buffalo milk and some calamari sitting on the oceanfront deck.
      Luau Larry's is fun for drinks and app's.
      Country Club has some pretty decent food, especially after playing 18.
      Armstrong's is good for seafood...El Galleon or Villa Portofino.
      We anchored our boat at Two Harbors during the summer for a week and though I enjoy Doug's Harbor Reef, the food isn't like it used to be.
      I prefer the Banning House..great happy hour on Fri/Sat with great views.

      1. Both ORIGINAL JACK'S COUNTRY KITCHEN & BAKE SHOP and PANCAKE COTTAGE in Avalon are great for breakfast.

        1. ORIGINAL ANTONIO'S PIZZERIA & DELI in Avalon for some pizza.

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            And BIG OLAF’S for desert with giant homemade waffle cones, ice cream sundaes, malts, shakes, nonfat soft serve, frozen yogart, frozen bananas, banana splits, popsicles & ice cream sandwiches. In Avalon at 220 Crescent Ave. 310-510-0798 .

          2. For the first time in 40+ years Avalon on Catalina Island has two new and excellent, although not cheap, restaurants. Good enough to make a day trip to the island worthwhile!
            One restaurant is called "M" and is on Crescent Avenue near the Metropole Hotel. Excellent imaginative food. Great service.
            The second restaurant is the Avalon Grille on Crescent at the green pier (not on the pier). Excellent food, very good brunch.
            Both are beautifully decorated, tasteful and elegant enough for a special occasion outing.