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Aug 10, 2010 06:08 AM

Korean Buldak Red Chicken in Toronto ?

Hi All,

Was in Vancouver and read about a casual Korean Restaurant called Red Chicken (833 Bute Street). They are famous for their flaming spicy Buldak Red Chicken. It was amazing. The chicken is saucy and comes with a plastic glove to protect your hands (no kidding). The local Koreans eating there were giggling at my wife's and my red faces and teary eyes. If you like hot, I mean real hot, this is the dish for you.

Any good Korean places in Toronto that have Buldak Red Chicken ?

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  1. There is a Korean place on Yonge St. called Bonga Buldak (a korean chain I think).
    710 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON
    (416) 975-0000

    I visited the place when they first opened (+2 years ago) so it's been a while, but I remember liking the place.
    Let us know, if you end up going.

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      The place on Yonge Street (Home of Hot Taste in English), has two dishes - Blazing Chicken and Tearful Blazing Chicken. Neither are saucy though; they're both just chicken covered in chilis. The Tearful Blazing Chicken really lives up to its name.

    2. I like the one from Ajuker, though I've never needed gloves to eat it...! So, it may not be as spicy as that. I enjoy it with a bowl of rice and some pickled radish.

      Afc Ajuker Canada
      680 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

      1. There's a Buldak place in thornhill, just north of steeles on Yonge in the Red Lobster plaza. 7289 Yonge Street to be exact. They have AWESOME buldak~ and are way better than Ajuker and Bonga. Buldak isn't a chain but they've got quite the selection and its very reminiscent of the Buldak places in Korea.

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        1. re: bubblegum01

          I looooove authentic Korean food. Travelled there many times. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

          I looked into Bonga Buldak and see they have mixed reviews (and a pan from Now Magazine because it's too spicy - but hey, that sounds like they're on the right path to me...). I'll also try Afc Ajuker. The place at 7289 Yonge Thornhill is Legend Chinese, sound right bubblegum01?

          Thanks again!

          1. re: PoppiYYZ

            Note: there are two Ajukers - stick with the one on Bloor!

            And if we're straying away from Buldak, I suggest Cho Sun Ok for cold noodle. Taaaasty. Can also get other traditional korean food there, but they're known for their Mul Nyaeng Myeon. Great on a hot day.

   -- food. is. love.

            5 Glen Cameron Rd, Markham, ON L3T, CA

        2. Made it to Bonga Buldak today and tried the Blazing Fire AND the Tearful Blazing chicken. Both were OK. Meat was tender and nicely sauced but definitely not hot enough. Had way hotter hot wings. Semame oil rice was weak and the place is a little scary.

          My quest for good Toronto Buldak Chicken continues....