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Aug 10, 2010 04:32 AM

Alloro-East 77th between 2nd/1st REVIEW-WONDERFUL!

At the suggestion of cat lady friend I tried an unassuming looking place called Alloro last night . I never knew about this place and it has been open for two years now probably hidden by that hideous scaffolding which finally came down. Started with crusty bread with thier trio of (complimentary) sundried tomato dipping sauce , olive oil and green olives. Appetizer consisted of a duet of eggplant dishes-one done sort of traditional way in the parmesan style but not greasy or heavy at all. You really could taste the delightful eggplant come thru. The other half of the dish was a mousse like consistency w some sort of velvety cheese on top-Extremely good. When the dish arrived I had flashbacks to many meals at Eleven Madison as the presentation of the dishes were outstanding. My main course was a cold dish of spaghetti noodles topped with a generous portion of cubed tuna and it sat in a broth of cool carrot soup seasoned with ginger and bortegga. Now before you say yuck-which I thought of first-you must try this dish especially on a hot summer's night. The combination was an ingenious thought on what I would have thought would been an excellent Asian dish but with the pasta-now it's Italian! Highly recommend this dish. Last course was a salad composed of fresh herbs , greenery and edible flowers. Simply marvelous. My dining companion had the mullet which she said was excellent as well. I know it is just slight off the beaten path which is why I never saw it but hopefully my rec will inspire you to give them a try. A pleasant find of a jewel in the nabe.

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    1. I believe these are the same owners as Cacio e Pepe.

      Cacio e Pepe
      182 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003

      1. I have been there and have enjoyed it very much as well.

        Had the eggplant duet and a pretty basic pasta, both were quite good

        1. I go there with some frequency and always enjoy it. I find the cooking to be quite inventive and not of the regular Italian restaurant variety. If it ever comes back on the menu, make sure to try the gorgonzola creme brulee. Just amazing.