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Aug 10, 2010 02:11 AM

delivery service

How much do you think is fair for free delivery?
For me it usually sucks when you do hit that minimum.
For some restaurants it's a great pricing strategy.
I've seen some delivery orders go from 20 to 38
just by a single item.

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  1. this post of yours is sort of incoherent. are you saying it sucks to have to meet a minimum to get "free" delivery? somehow it has to be "paid" for, right? also, fwiw, what kind of place are you ordering delivery where the cheapest single items are $18?

    1. Near me, there are about seven Chinese restaurants that have a $10 minimum. Ironically, if you get most of their lunch specials wth an appetizer is hits exactly $10. This is about the same as all the pizzerias in my area. One place charges $2 or $3 but has no minimum.

      I don't think it's an issue, because usually anything you order will meet the minimum requirement. I think this is to avoid the person who orders two slices of pizza and a coke or just wants an eggroll and a soda.

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        what is the real issue, juanish?

      2. Where are you located? That has great bearing on what 's normal and "fair."