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Aug 9, 2010 10:12 PM

Ming Seafood in Wollaston

anyone ever try

Ming Seafood Restaurant
1 Brook Street
Wollaston 02170
(617) 328-2006

they opened in early 2009 and specialize in Fuzhou regional cuisine
heading there this weekend
was thinking of trying their braised aged pork with preserved vegetables
and maybe the country style marinade assorted mix of sliced beef, tripe, pork ears, chicken feet, and boiled eggs
salt and pepper frog sounds good too

here's an article on them

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  1. Wrote about my dinner there some time last year, but darned if I can find it via the search field. The really quick summary - pleasantly surprised and enjoyed a lot of the dishes. I'm not very familiar with Fuzhou cuisine, but we were recommended some dishes by the server and she did a good job in pointing us to items more representative of Fuzhou cuisine.

    We also opted for one or two more familiar Chinese dishes that weren't anywhere near as interesting, and rather bland by comparison to the preparation of other restaurants. My recommendation is to choose the Fuzhou dishes over dishes you can commonly find elsewhere in Chinatown.

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      Thanks. By the way, there is a fuzhou restaurant in CTown called China Gourmet (on Tyler beside Pearl Viila). I tried this last week and found it homey and tasty. Not a lot of English spoken here, but the friendly waitress called over a customer who translated for us.

    2. I drive past that place all the time and it's either crowded or totally empty at dinnertime.

      Love to get more reports on it. I have been meaning to go there myseldf.

      1. Went there on Thursday
        nice little restaurant, open 9 AM - midnight, no liq. lic.
        some interesting menu selections
        salt and pepper frog
        whole deep fried flounder with spicy sweet & sour sauce
        lychee pork - deep-fried chunks of tender pork, sweet peppers, and cauliflower in a subtle-sweet lychee sauce
        braised aged pork with preserved vegetables
        fresh fried beef with tofu and black mushroom
        10 spiced spareribs
        succulent garlic snails
        pan fried egg with blue crab

        I ordered the country style beef stomach - cold slices of beef tripe stewed in soy and 5 spice served with sweet sauce on the side
        and the sautéed fish noodles with shredded pork - fish flavored rice noodles with a small amount of shredded pork, scallion and napa cabbage
        I'd give the country style beef stomach an "A" with just the right texture, good portion, presentation and balance of sweet and savory flavors
        the sautéed fish noodles with shredded pork gets a "B"
        while very tasty and well-prepared, the fishy taste of the noodles became increasingly more challenging as I continued to eat my way through this dish

        service was excellent with a very friendly waitress who seemed delighted that I was interested in the restaurant's more esoteric offerings
        overall with my limited introduction I give the place a solid B+ overall and look forward to returning