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Aug 9, 2010 08:27 PM

Grocery Shopping Options around Hoboken

Hi. I currently live in Manhattan but am looking for a larger space. One of the areas we are considering is Hoboken because of budget and commute. We store our car in upstate NY, but would probably bring it downstate if we move to Jersey (sigh -- I really have to get over my fear of driving!).

I'm researching grocery stores within a 20-30 minute drive of Hoboken. I know that there's a Whole Foods, Mitsuwa, Trader Joe's and Korean markets around Edgewater. There are Indian markets in Jersey City. Where are the Chinese markets? I think that Edison would be a bit too far. I'm mostly interested in Chinese vegetables such as water spinach, snow pea shoots, Chinese broccoli, etc. Any other nice shopping options?

Trader Joe's
725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

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  1. sure, i move away and now you're moving to the 'hood! ;)

    i hate to say it, but you may be out of luck with Chinese markets. i think the only one is out in River Edge - everything else near Hoboken is Korean, Japanese, or general catch-all "Asian."

    hopefully some of the current locals will chime in with better news...

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      I'm in the same boat as of 3 weeks ago. I went to a great Hmart in Ft Lee and heard there is another in Ridgefield. They had a lot of Asian veg although I can't say specifically if they have the ones you mentioned. I've also heard rumors of lots of latin markets slightly north. I don't have a car here, so I'm not even getting as far afield as you, but wouldn't PATH make Chinatown in NYC pretty accessible if necessary? I wish there were more variety here- man cannot live on mozzarella alone. You could also see if Sobsey's would carry more Asian veg if there were more demand expressed.

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        ahh, so the H-Mart in the old Ft Lee Kings space opened, huh? how does it compare to Mitsuwa in Edgewater?

        and yes, the rumors are true ;) there are Latin markets in the Fairview/North Bergen/Union City/West New York area

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          All I can comment on so far is a comparison between the Ft Lee H-Mart and the San Jose CA Mitsuwa- The H-mart was really nice, very well stocked and clean. I'll get back to you once I've been to both.

          Any specific recs for Latin and Indian markets?

          1. re: WCchopper

            actually, your best bet for Indian is probably in Jersey City at Patel Cash & Carry.

            i can't remember the names of the good Latin markets except for one...if you're a carnivore, check out Kikos in North Bergen.

              1. re: WCchopper

                OK, hit Mitsuwa today. It is substantially smaller than the one in San Jose. I found the Hmart in Ft Lee to be more to my liking- bigger variety of fresh foods, it didn't seem as tight a space, very clean (not that Mitsuwa wasn't really clean) well stocked store. I know Japanese store tend to be pretty over the top with the packaging- everything is pre-wrapped- and that isn't my thing. Mitsuwa is pretty convenient, I'm sure I'll be back, but Hmart is more fun.

                1. re: WCchopper

                  thanks for the report! i was anxiously awaiting the opening of that Hmart when i lived in Edgewater, but i moved away before they finished it. at least now i know i can send my local friends there if they don't like Mitsuwa or want something different.

    2. There are 2 Kings Supermarkets right in Hoboken that should carry what you are seeking, also Sobsey's Produce Market in Hoboken ( between those there is really no need for you to travel to find great stuff!

      1. We just moved out of Hoboken a few months ago. We lived downtown so we went to the King's pretty frequently. It's small and expensive but good when you need to pick up something last minute for dinner. There's also a Garden of Eden in town which usually had decent produce. The Shoprite in town also wasn't too bad and definitely offers more bang for your buck than King's. Of course now I'm completely spoiled since we're within driving distance of Wegmans...

        Garden of Eden
        226 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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        1. re: LttlMichey

          Of the two major supermarkets in town, Shoprite is much better than the A&P, which really isn't saying much. I try not to step foot in either, opting to do the bulk of my grocery shopping at the A&P in Jersey City as it is much bigger and cleaner. As mentioned Garden of Eden is also available.

          Garden of Eden
          226 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

        2. The market in River Edge recently had a transfer of ownership and the renovation of the store is nearly completed. They have greatly improved the appearance and have upgraded all the following departments: butcher, fishmonger and prepared foods.....however, the market is probably 30-35 minutes away from Hoboken. The travel time could be slightly less on Sunday. If needed, I could give you the fastest route that does not include traveling on Route 3 and Route 17, which could be very trying at times. In the markets favor though, they carry almost anything you could get in Chinatown....including baked goods, dim sum and roasted meats. They bring in most of the items, but their prepared foods and steam table is also is very popular.

          I'm familiar with all the H-Mart stores with the exception of the Ridgefield location.....the only one that carries Chinese vegetables with any regularity is the Little Ferry store. In the past, they usually have the pea-shoot tips, baby bok choy and shanghai cabbage sold loose. The Chinese Broccoli is usually bagged. I usually only see the Chinese Broccoli on occasion at the other stores.

          Closer to Hoboken, in Jersey City about 10 minutes away (without traffic)....there may be a market......called 555 Asian Supermarket located at 555 Tonnele Avenue, Jersey City. Tonnele Avenue is also known as Route 1 & 9 . I have not yet been to the store, but it is not very in a converted Korean produce market that failed. My best guess is it is about a third the size of the River Edge market.......I'll let you decide if this is a good indication if it may have some I found out about it's existence is while doing a search for where Bo Bo Chicken was available for sale in New Jersey. I would imagine Bo Bo Chicken has some fairly strict requirements for where their products are the chicken is not readily available in Norther New Jersey. For that alone, it gets bonus points. It's still listed on the Bo Bo Site, so it should still be opened.

          1. Wow! Thanks to everybody for your help! It seems that there are some decent shopping around Hoboken.

            WCchopper, yes, Chinatown in Manhattan will be a decent commute as I can take the path to Christopher and walk -- the proximity to Manhattan is one of the key reasons I'm looking at Hoboken. And it is one of the better places outside of NYC where you don't need a car -- can't you tell that I hate to drive?

            Fourunder, thanks for all that Chinese info. I do love my Chinese greens! And, ghg, I was actually thinking of you when I wrote my original post. : )