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Aug 9, 2010 08:27 PM

Gardens of Taxico - Worst Mexican in LA

Wow.....what a terrible restaurant. I can't believe anyone on this board would ever recommend this dump. The food is factory food and the experience is just plain bad. Where to begin......let's start with no menus. WTF is up with that? Pick your meat, chicken, shrimp or fish and then he rambles off a few choices of each....what was the last one? Chicken Mole, ok I'll try that. The food is five courses (four of which everyone gets) and the entree is your choice. The first dish comes out and it is a triangle of rubbery quesadilla with some guac from a jar. Bad start. The next dish is a flavorless meatball soup with veggies so overcooked you can tell it had been stewing for a few days. Campbells version is much better. The next dish was some sort of taquito which again had the crappy guac and featured a mystery meat. The mole chicken was the worst mole I've ever had. The mole was thick as bad gravy and had a mysterious dull appearence and my guess is that it comes from a can. Last course was a banana cream something that had mushy over-ripe bananas and was not edible. To top off the worst mexican meal I have ever had in LA, we found out when we got the check that the dinner price was $30. We were told by others it would be $15 and since there were no menu prices, we found this out at the end. They gave us a paper and pen at the end of the meal to give them our personal information (I have NEVER seen this at any restaurant) so I used the paper and pen to write a more brief version of this review. Short and sweet, it read.....your food is bad! Really, really bad. Bad, Bad, Bad...worst mexican I have ever tried!!!!! I think my friend summed it up best when he compared the meal to the Mexican version of Spaghetti Factory. I beg of those who read this....DO NOT EAT AT GARDENS OF TAXICO and be leary of those who recommend this place!!!!!!

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  1. Must not have had the mole, it's just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit spicy.

    1. This just in ... The sky is blue.

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        el coyote is better and that's not saying much

      2. I always wondered about this place - have never been, but people recommending it always made it sound "wonderful" by pointing out aspects of it that sounded decidedly unwonderful. I mean, they ask you what meat you like and that's supposed to make the restaurant a big deal? Really? What's it supposed to be, Mexican Omakase?

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          GoT was a breathe of fresh air when it first opened, because "Mexican" in LA was synonymous with El Torito, Acapulco, and Red Onion. Something like a mole was pretty much nonexistent. Obviously, times have changed. I personally was never a fan of GoT, but I understand why people thought it good and different.

          GoT has always been like the OP describes. You get a prix fixe menu where the first few courses and dessert are standard, and you just choose your entree.

          Red Onion
          736 Silver Spur Rd, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

        2. Do you mean Gardens of Taxco?

          I may have to revisit the restaurant soon - just to find out for myself how bad/goodhe it is.

          Thank you for your thorough's always helpful to read the opinions of 'Hounds!

          Gardens of Taxco
          1113 N. Harper Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

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            Save yourself the anguish and money. It is truly as OP says. And that chicken Mole dish has been an option for many years now. They do not have full liquor, and so any margarita you might want is made with wine, which is not bad, but definitely not tequila-based. There are so many better places not far away that this place should not get anyone's business.
            They could not make it in Encino, a community that at the time only had one of the original El Toritos as competition, yet ultimately El Torito won out.
            "nuff said.

          2. The original comment has been removed