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Aug 9, 2010 08:04 PM

Tot lunch ideas- dairy only, nut free!

I need some EASY lunch ideas for my kiddos who are now eating lunch at pre-school. Nut free, dairy only lunches. (No meat!) They're already sick of hummus, PB is out of the question, and they can' only eat tuna once or twice a week. We also eat plenty of pasta and eggs for other meals, so want to keep pasta out of the lunch if possible.

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  1. - cottage cheese o Greek-style yogurt with herbs, and veggies and crackers for dipping
    - salmon croquettes
    - rolled omelets, frittata bites or egg "muffins"
    - kosher veggie burgers
    - mock chicken or egg salad made with tofu
    - smoked salmon pinwheels

    is sunflower butter acceptable?

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      When I was a kid I loved plain yogurt with a fruit skewer and a veg skewer for lunch. Sometimes I also took a small whole wheat roll also.

      Some other ideas..
      - mini quiches (with or without crust)
      - mini vegetable or cheese pizzas
      - stuffed peppers with quinoa or rice (the mini ones are great for kids)
      - leftover eggplant or zucchini parm

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      1. in a thermos, soup and bread/crackers something they'd like? lentil, split pea (no ham), minestrone, navy bean, butternut squash, corn etc

        assemble your own lunchables -- crackers/bread; cheese, etc. of your choosing


        also thermos, oatmeal with fruit (if breakfast for lunch is ok)

        couscous/lentil salads with veggies and/or cheeses


        1. I feel you. My son's preschool is dairy only (no meat), PLUS no peanuts, tree nuts, sesame or mango, so we can't even do hummus or most Asian foods.

          We do lots of boring sandwiches - bagel with cream cheese, whole wheat bread with soybutter (we're allowed sunbutter at the preschool, but I'm allergic to it, so it's not allowed in our house!), whole wheat bread with soy bologna, etc. He is really good about taking leftovers when they're allowed given the school's restrictions, so he'll take things either at room temp or in a thermos. He likes various vegetarian soups such as split pea and lentil, pastas (which I know you're skipping), quesadillas, tuna, tofu dogs, leftover fish (I don't eat this, but he does!) beans and rice, etc.

          I always add a water bottle, a piece of fruit or an applesauce, and a small yogurt.

          1. Would you mind making a large batch of empanadas and stashing them in the freezer? if you don't want to make dough, you could pick up a bag of pizza dough from Trader Joes.

            lots of options for fillings:

            (veg.) refried beans and cheese w/ guac dip
            corn, peppers, zucchini and cheese
            garlicky greens and olives (my tots like it)
            dals or curries w/ yogurt dip
            mozzarella+ any pizza topping they like w/ marinara sauce