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Aug 9, 2010 07:06 PM

Babycakes in SD : . Babycakes in NY?

Curious if Babycakes in SD is related to the Babycakes in NY? Don't think it is - Babycakes in NY is a bakery that specializes in gluten free/egg free specialties, vegan but doesn't "taste vegan", Babycakes in SD is awesome cupcake shop? That's my understanding as I have not been to the one in SD, but it sounds promising

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    1. Nope, totally different. You'll have to go up to LA for the real babycakes, although their cakes are a bit variable and extremely expensive, but I really loved the atmosphere in their little shop in NY. I think they are mostly vegan/gluten free. Baby cakes in hillcrest is just a cupcake shop, I've heard people like it there! Surprised they are managing to keep the name!

      1. Ironically (or incidentally, depending), the founder of Babycakes in NYC is from San Diego. I went to high school with her. It could be one of the McKenna brood decided to open up his/her own shop under Erin's name.

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          Looked up the owner's name, and unless he's married into the McKenna family, there's absolutely no relation.

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            Babycakes in Hillcrest is the worst cupcake I've had had in San Diego. Each cupcake I had was dry and the frosting was way to sugary and artificial tasting.

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              have you had a good cupcake down here?

              1. re: lo105

                Eclipse Chocolatier makes very good chocolate cupcakes (yellow cake ones aren't as good).

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                  Cupcakes Squared on Voltaire in that never-neverland between Point Loma and OB makes a fairly decent cupcake. I like their passiofruit and carrot cake ones. I wouldn't say it's the best cupcake you'll ever eat, or even the best cupcake in SD, but it's pretty good and can easily satisfy a cupcake craving. The buttercream icing is the real deal.

                  Point Loma Cafe
                  4856 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

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                    So what is the best cupcake in SD? I've been to Elizabeths and Cupcake Love, just tried Cupcakes Squared. Where am I missing?

                    1. re: hulagrrrl

                      Cups in La Jolla is good. Been their twice. Some interesting flavor combos. Moist and tasty. Says its all organic and vegan and stuff, but close your eyes and block that out. They TASTE great!!!