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Aug 9, 2010 06:04 PM

Santa Fe Questions

so, as a visitor to Santa Fe (not to say, "tourist") from that other SF--San Francisco--may I ask local Chow Hounds two questions?
I mean this respectfully--how would you define the difference between Mexican and NEW Mexican cooking?
Does any restaurant in this town or area use lamb or goat? These would seem to be important animals in Pueblo and Hispanic communities--yet I never see them--haven't seen them--on local menus. Any comment?
many thanks, in advance; we're enjoying the hey out of this visit...

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  1. Hey there--my parents live in San Francisco and I recently moved to ABQ from the east coast. I had never really know about New Mexican food before I came here but I think the main distinction is the use of chile. In some dishes it really is the main event. I also think the blending of spanish/mexican and pueblo cuisine helps define it. For example, green chile stew with a side of fry bread. SO new mexican. SO good. I have seen lamb at some of the restaurants down here in albuquerque. When I've been lucky enough to be invited to a pueblo feast they serve a mutton stew. I have not seen much goat. You may be able to find mutton stew or lamb stew at a pueblo cafe such as the one at Acoma.

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      The Pueblo museum in ABQ has a restaurant that serves a delicious mutton stew.

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        good point about lamb. as my partner is pointing out, likely sheep were/are kept for wool and only eaten when they're old & tough--hence mutton stew, which is really pretty much what I was wondering about.

      2. from time to time, goat is a special at Los Potrillos Restaurant. and they make it very spicy!

        Los Potrillos
        1947 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505