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Aug 9, 2010 05:02 PM

White sardines/anchovies

Looking for two styles of white anchovies/sardines:

a. in olive oil. Hopefully take out/deli counter. I've recently had some from Malibu Kitchen which were good but I would love to find better. West hollywood/westside preferably.

b. in a restaurant. Anyone have some favorite dishes centered on white anchovies/sardines or using them as accompaniment? Lightly grilled, marinated, or even sushi-style?


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  1. You can get them at bay cities, whole foods too.

    Sang at F.O.. has some on the menu. Yum.

    1. The Sunday FM on Grand View in Mar Vista has them. The fresh seafood stand usually carries white anchovies and more recently sardines that are marinated in various incarnations. They're really good. We stock up on them just about every weekend, and just noticed this past Sunday that the pickins' got a little slim on both. I think I saw only two or three kinds of anchovies/sardines in their display.

      1. Try Santa MOnica Seafood on Wilshire

        1. Both Surfas and Monsieur Marcel carry them. I like the boquerones at Tasca - anchovies, boiled egg, tomato and aioli on toast. With a little lemon juice or other acid, they really liven up.

          Tasca Restaurant
          8108 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. I've bought white anchovies at Whole Foods many times. I used to get them at Bristol Farms, but my local store, at least, doesn't carry them anymore.