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Aug 9, 2010 04:22 PM

Great grilling cookbook or website?

Any recs for a really good grilling recipe website or comprehensive grilling cookbook? I have a gas grill.

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  1. Adam Perry Lang's cookbook "Serious Barbeque." He is the go to meat guy for a number of chefs, his book is unreal.

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    1. Steve Raichlen has had several PBS shows on grilling and has written several cookbooks on the subject. I use his BBQ rub all the time. Here is his website:

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        Raichlen's "How to Grill" is a great book with lots of photos. it inspired my son to get interested in cooking.

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          I agree, that's the only Raichlen book that I have and although I don't consult it a lot anymore, it is a handy book for ideas. Although I'm not a religious zealot, the title of his other book annoys me just a little (BBQ Bible). Anybody referring to a book as a 'Bible' other than the actual Bible bugs me just a little. (I think it's more about the presumptuousness of claiming to be a Bible more than being offended about the religious connotations).

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            Actually, the word "bible" is correctly used in this instance (and the the Cheese, Chocolate, Cake, other bibles), since bible means "a publication that is preeminent esp. in authoritativeness" as per Webster's Dictionary. That said, I too have Raichlen's How To Grill and it was my go-to source when I first started to learn how to grill. It covers the full gamut of meats, vegetables, etc., and has a lot of great tips and advice. The photography is wonderful. Unfortunately, mine is falling apart now, owing to the type of binding. But I still consult it sometimes.

      2. For bold flavors consider "Thrill of the Grill" by Schlesinger. [I probably misspelled his name.] A good friend of mine cooks from this book every time I have dinner at her house, and I have really enjoyed the food she makes. It is on my list of "books to buy."

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          And the follow-up book, "License to Grill" by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby which I have. Eveything I've made from this book has been wonderful. Especially love the chapter on Hobo packets.

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            I'll back-up both the Schlesinger/Willoughby books - lots of recipes you won't find in other standard grill books. If you want one book to cover all the basic instructions plus great recipes then take a look at "Mastering the Grill" by Andrew Schloss and David Joachim.


          Weber's real grilling is surprisingly great... the author has gone a great job of explaining everything.

          1. I'll second the recs for Raichlen's BBQ Bible as well as Weber's Real Grilling.

            For an EXCELLENT website (albeit focused on slower cooking), try this: