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Zenia Restaurant + Bar on St-Laurent????

mmmarlene Aug 9, 2010 03:12 PM

Heard this place opened in the spring but cannot find any information or reviews. Tried to call their number but always goes into voice-mail - even left a message but never heard back....
Is this one of the places that came and went? or do they just have unusual hours????
Anybody? Anything?

  1. b
    BLM Aug 9, 2010 04:09 PM

    Maybe it's open only nights(a la Garde Manger).

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    1. re: BLM
      mmmarlene Aug 10, 2010 02:31 PM

      Maybe only nights during hockey playoffs!...I thought the bad sign was when they never returned my call when I left a message to make a reservation for a Saturday night. Interesting that the telephone number (cellular) is still in service with a Zenia message!

    2. k
      kpaxonite Aug 9, 2010 03:51 PM

      the facebook site is talking about upcoming hockey playoffs...thats a bad sign

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      1. re: kpaxonite
        Shattered Aug 10, 2010 07:23 AM

        And the phone number is for a cell (438 area code), not landline - doesn't inspire confidence.

        Google hits only mention of the opening, and a Twitter page with a dead link to a restomontreal.ca page:

        Yup, it done come(?) and gone.

      2. m
        Maximilien Aug 9, 2010 03:38 PM

        I Bixi in front of it quite often and I saw it open once or twice around may (or something like that) but most of the time it was closed (at peak hours)

        Me think it busted.

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