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Aug 9, 2010 02:08 PM

Considering these lemon almond tart recipes and need help...

Going to make one of these lemon almond tarts for a birthday and was wondering in your experiences which one looks good to you all. If you have an tried and true recipes I would also appreciate if you posted them. Thanks!

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  1. I read all the recipes and I personally liked the last one because I think it would be the one with the strongest almond flavor. In the previous recipes lemon is the dominant flavor so I think it depends on whether you prefer to emphasize the lemon or almond. I don't know the marthamiller.wordpress website so I don't know if the recipes have been tested and are reliable???

    1. I also like the last one best. I far prefer the almond taste of marzipan to almond extract. Second choice would the the group recipe one that relies only on almonds. I also prefer the flakier texture of the crust w/out the egg yolk.

      1. Tritto on the last one, plus her tart making recipe/instructions are spot on (freezing the tart shell before baking, using powdered sugar instead of granulated) and the filling will be a nice rich creamy custard base with good lemon and almond flavor.

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          I am going to make the last recipe(Martha Miller) and just noticed the amount of lemon juice is not called out for? I'm assuming it's 1/4 cup? Thanks!

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            Got it. It's 1/4 cup. I emailed Martha Miller and she just got back to me!

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              It looks like she also edited the recipe at the link? Nice of her to get back to you so quickly.

              This tart could be garnished with a few toasted sliced almonds around the edge and a little lemon zest, not grated but from a zester, if you have one of those tools. Usually the point of a garnish is to give the diners a hint of what flavors they're about to enjoy. The strawberries, while attractively presented, just don't fit, as you wrote.


          2. The last one is nice, I'm not going to put the berries on it. I think they would take away from the other flavors. It does look nice with the berries though but uit's all about the lemons and almond....not strawberries.