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Aug 9, 2010 01:43 PM

Lift -- Any Recent Experience

I have always loved the venue (especially the top deck on a nice day) but found the food boring or worse. Just noticed what to me is a new menu ( I hadn't bothered to look at their website in quite some time). Perhaps a new chef as well. Please let me know if you've had any recent experience and what you took away from it.

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  1. No recent experience, but here's a funny story: it was a work party at Lift and we all got dessert. One of the guys got this dessert that had this chocolate wafer on top that had "Lift" printed on it. So he lifted it.

    Needless to say, we were all drunk by that point of the evening and we all thought it was hilarious.

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      Maybe I'm drunk too (just back from Bao Bei) but that story made me laugh too.

    2. haven't been in almost a year. the have gone through a few gm's and chef to the best of my knowledge. the gm name slips my mind right now. last i was there the chef was scott kidd. who was a notable chef in the early to mid 90's. raincity grill, la gavroche and lola's.
      was there 4 times maybe 5 times last year. mainly to enjoy the patio. it's a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. the fire place is a nice touch.
      the deep fried zuchinni flowers is the first thing that pops in my mind. the other times were good, but nothing inspiring. it wasnt the best value for food. but the view of coal harbor on a good evening is unique as is the view of the sunset makes spending the money easier.
      the wine selection(bottle and glass) is pretty decent if memory serves me correctly.

      havent had a chance to enjoy any patio dining this year. but would rate lift patio in the top 3 in the city. definitely top 5. a couple of the heater and patio lighting wasn't working last year.
      service was hit and miss. depending on the server. a couple of times it was good. once it was painful.

      hope the new menu works for them. would go back on a romantic date on a nice evening.

      1. Bumping this up to the top - any recent experiences?

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          Chef is George Koay and has been there for just shy of a year. Cant comment on having been there, He is ex of Pearl in Whiterock and Beyond Restaurant (Century Plaza Hotel). Used to be a brunch staple for the view and location, must get back.

        2. We decided to give Lift a try on Friday night mostly so we could enjoy the gorgeous September evening on their lovely deck.

          I would say that the online reviews I read beforehand were pretty spot-on. The deck and view were great. The food was not too out-of-the-box (with the exception of the kangaroo loin on offer - why don't more places serve this?) but very well prepared and lots of variety with the veggies accompanying the mains which I appreciated. Overall a bit overpriced IMO, especially the sushi rolls which was not particularly noteworthy.

          Nice selection of cocktails and local beers also several nice mocktail offerings. Extensive wine list (or so it seemed, I'm not an expert by any means). Nice variety in the dessert list.

          Unfortunately the service was a bit spotty. The initial greeting, seating, waters, etc was excellent. Our server then asked if we wanted to order drinks. They had only provided 1 drinks menu so we said we needed a few more minutes for our party of 4 to decide. The server didn't come back for 30 mins!
          The rest of the service was better but still not particularly attentive. I would guess that if you ordered several courses this could be problematic or if you needed to be somewhere afterwards.

          Overall, I would return if I was looking for a leisurely meal , especially to enjoy the outdoor dining on a nice evening.

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            "kangaroo loin on offer - why don't more places serve this?"

            Because so many Canadians are sentimental fools with long memories


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              "kangaroo loin on offer - why don't more places serve this?"
              Our place serves this :)