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Aug 9, 2010 01:18 PM

ISO: BBQ Turkey Leg

I was at Canada's Wonderland yesterday and near the end of the day when leaving, I walked past a concession stand near the front entrance and saw that they were selling BBQ Turkey Legs for $7.99. I saw a lady walking around the park chowing down on one of them earlier in the day and it looked pretty delicious. Considering the other options at Wonderland, I wish I had seen it earlier in the day. I thought about getting one as I'm leaving the park, but I was already stuffed with other junk throughout the day.

My question is, where else in Toronto can I get myself one of them as I'm starting to regret not indulging in one.

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  1. I have not eaten the ones at Wonderland, but I assume they are smoked turkey legs. You can buy them wrapped individually at some grocery stores. I have seen them at Loblaws and T and T. They are made by Brandt. I don`t know for sure, but I am confident that they are the same.

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      You might be right, I recall them being smoked turkey legs, but they were on the BBQ and looked good. I've never had it before, can anyone comment on whether they actually taste good?

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        IF the ones at Wonderland are similar to the Brandt turkey legs, then I would have to say they are so-so. Not that they taste bad, but I was imagining smokey, juicy meat, but it actually tastes like ham. I wasn`t expecting it to be cured. But if that is what you are expecting, you may enjoy it. Sort of like `ham on a stick`!

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          Hmmm...well, it looked really good, not particularly juicy, but it looked like a nice snack for a couple of people to nibble on. I wouldn't be surprised that it's a bit on the dry side, as they were sittin on the BBQ for who knows how long and people weren't really lining up to get them. But damn they looked tasty. Thanks for your input, I will search for them.

    2. Lived in the USA for many years and you always found them at the State Fairs. Seemed it was Fair food, but I always got one cause they were so good tasting.

      1. I agree, it tastes like ham! Looks like ham!! What a rip!

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          I think, at the grocer, they are a substitute for a ham bone for people who don't eat pork. For making beans, soup and so on.

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            Curious how you came across this thread to bump it up from 3 years ago :)

            On topic, I had a bit of one of these types of turkey sticks at Distillery District Christmas market... I was not a fan at all, way too salty, etc.