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Aug 9, 2010 01:06 PM

National Restaurant and Banquet Hall

So anyone been there?? I hear it is a trip.

Thinking it could be a hilarious birthday party. Any thoughts? Tips? Comments?

Anyone have an idea on pricing??


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  1. Do it!! Hilarious birthday party is exactly right. I had my bday there this past year. It was fantastic. The food was really, really good. I've eaten at a few Russian banquet halls and this was just as good if not better in terms of food. My party was there for a Saturday night and the cost was $55 + tip per person, which includes food, show and non-alcoholic drinks. The service was excellent and we tipped like 20%. The best part is that you can bring your own vodka and wine and they will serve it to you throughout the night. You can also bring your own cake, which they will serve to you. The show is a little cheesy and I've seen much better ones in Brooklyn, NY but honestly it was part of the hillarity of the night. My non-Russian friends had an amazing time. Theres also a dance floor if you want to dance the night away. Overall a very memorable night and totally worth the $55.

    1. Disgusting. Disgusting. Really, really, disgusting. And that was just the entertainment.

      No, I'm kidding. The food is as bad as the live music. But, both were plentiful. Which is not good when both are so gosh darn awful.

      I have been twice now for birthday parties. I hate the place. It is somewhat comical, I suppose, because everything there is in such poor taste.

      You're thinking: "what a snob!" But, no, seriously, try the place and tell me I'm wrong!

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        We have been here many many times for birthdays and weddings, most recently my close friend's wedding and the food was wonderful as was the service. The owner is great and the staff is very professional. My friend said that as a bride he was a pleasure to deal with as well. The show is cheesy, but all shows at the restaurant restaurants are cheesy. Definitely try it, its great fun!