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Aug 9, 2010 12:48 PM

All Clad?

Have been long contemplating, oogling, the 6 qt All-clad pan. I love the shiny outside (not the newer grey exterior). Love the size (I think). I have a 5 qt Analon rounded bottom, the old Farberware large pan that came with my original set, and a 3 qt Calphalon non-stick. So the size makes sense as an addition - just wondering if the expense of the All-clad is worth it.

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  1. You're going to get half of your replies saying "yes" and half saying "waste of money" with a lot of discussion about the handles.

    I like All-Clad myself but have a sprinking of other manufacturers' wares to supplement. This specific purchase depends on whether this 6 qt (sauté?) pan suits your taste (assume so since you mentioned you liked the shiny finish), will address your needs (size-wise, I'd say yes) and fits your budget.

    Before you buy, you may want to go to a Williams-Sonoma or the like and see it in person.

    1. Try before you buy. For me, the handles are too skinny and uncomfortable. If that weren't the case...

      I wouldn't say they're a "waste of money," because they are well made, but unless I found a real good sale I would find it hard to justify spending that kind of money they want for them. I don't think I would cook any better with one.

      1. Hold onto the All Clad handle for about 1 minute flat. See if you like it.

        1. No one can tell you if it's worth it. That's a value judgment that the individual has to make.

          If you hold your pots/pans by gripping palm down, you should definitely go to the store and hold them. If you grab palm up, you might not have any issue. But, still, go hold them and touch them.

          Keeping the outside shiny takes a bit of work. I don't worry about it.

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            Never understood the "handle fuss" and I've been using and loving All Clad for ten years...Then I went out and picked on up and realized that they must be for "Girlie Girls" because we all Pitch Underhand. ;-D I palm it and wrap my fingers around the top....feels great! If you are an Overhand Grabber, they might, indeed, feel uncomfortable.

          2. gee - thanks for all the point outs about the handle. I have seen it in person in a Chef's Central store - but now I will have to go and play with it a bit more to see about the handle fit. Any other recommendations for a 6 qt saute pan?