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Aug 9, 2010 10:32 AM

Indian in London

I am going to be in London in Dec. and will only have time to try one Indian restaurant. I've read really good reviews about Amaya and Chutney Mary. Which of the two should I try? Is there a vegetarian one (as we are vegetarians) that you think rates as highly as one of those? Thanks!

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  1. search this board and also read and

    there's a lot of bad indian food in london but a LOT of really good stuff too. i'm not a vegetarian but all indian restaurants have plenty of that.

    1. Just do a search. There are countless posts of both high end pricey and low priced (but IMO consistently better) places. I've personally never heard of either Amaya or Chutney Mary, but I'm notoriously out of the loop with expensive eating (minus a recent trip to the White Horse and some serious patronage given to Chez Marcelle) so maybe others will know better.

      If you're vegetarian then go to a vegetarian place. There are countless ones in East, South, North and West London and most of them really do not take long to get you. That way you'll have a wide variety of cuisines to choose from (Punjabi, Gujarati and Tamil veg are the general ones with an emphasis on Tamil these days.)

      1. It is a long time since I have been to Chutney Mary, it was one of London's new wave of Indian restaurants more than 20 years ago, and the fact it is still going is testament to the fact it is OK. It was one of the first to try to do specific regional cooking, and when I last went it was good albeit expensive. I did read a recent review that suggested it was still delivering very good food. Amaya is part of the same group of restaurants, headed by a very passionate restaurateur who is ex Bombay Brasserie/Taj Hotels, again meant to be good but very expensive, and given its menu maybe be less goodf for vegitarians.

        These are both top end, fine dining Indian restaurants with all the comforts that implies, London is full of Indian restaurants, but many of the them whilst good are "cheap & cheerful" so depends which end of the spectrum you want.

        1. you want neither. go get the vegetarian thali at quilon and treat yourself to a proper vegetarian meal, eaten like a keralan would eat it.

          i find both amaya and chutney mary pretentious - but then thats my usual judgement on indian restaurants that try and upsell, so to speak. but one only has to look at moti mahal, quilon etc to see that upselling needn't come at the price of deliciousness.