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Aug 9, 2010 10:02 AM

Dessert bar for a group of 10

I'm planning to take a group of 8 to a dessert bar after brunch. We're having brunch at park Avenue Summer and then after some sight seeing plan to go for dessert. Any location is preferable. Please give me suggestions. I thought of chikalicious but feel the place can't accomodate such a big group. Please help!

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  1. Have you tried calling Chikalicious to ask? They might be able to accommodate your group in the late afternoon, before the evening rush.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn. I'll call them. Do you have any other suggestions. I was also thinking of serendipity

      1. re: Mini girl

        If you're staying in the Upper East Side, Lady M or Cafe Sabarsky would be better than Serendipity.

        Cafe Sabarsky
        1048 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

    2. On the Upper East SIde my 2 favorite desserts places are Lady M and Cafe Sarbarsky. There is also Payard, but the place is small and I think it would be hard to accomodate 10 people