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Aug 9, 2010 09:44 AM

The Southern - Asheville

New restaurant on the corner of Walnut and Lexington in downtown Asheville, the former Old Europe space. I walked by yesterday evening and it appears to be open. Same owners as the Rankin Vault, which is good news in my opinion. Who's got the scoop???

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  1. I don't know much about it though I had a friend go to the soft opening this weekend. She said it was amazing. Pimento cheese crosini and something with "lemon jalepeno sorbet". She said she had several amazing cocktails! I can't wait to give it a try :)

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      I read an article about it and thought it was interesting - due to buliding code, or not having a vent hood, or something kind of odd like that, they can't grill or fry anything, so they have to get creative on how they prepare. The chef used to work at Table. It's such a great location with that big patio - hope they do well.

      Kind of freaks me out b/c my brother is the chef at a place called The Southern in Chicago. I told him he needed to come look at the space if he and his wife were ever up for a move - again, love that patio - so when i read they were opening a place called The Southern (completely unrelated, of course) it was pretty crazy!

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      1. Tried it tonight and it was very good. The gazpacho with jalapeno sorbet was delicious. Mussels with chorizo were very good and the pulled short ribs with blue cheese polenta was also yummy. Will definitely be back. Just opend a few days and doing quite well. The next table over was also enjoying their choices.

      2. Seven of us tried the Southern Friday night and we can't wait to go back. Space is great with a big patio on Lexington. Bar and tables inside. There's another dining room toward the back that isn't open yet. Terri Roberts is the young, innovative chef that is definitely going to make her mark on Asheville. As stated by Ms Piggy, the kitchen poses serious challenges because building code will not allow an open flame. Everything that came out of that flameless kitchen was great. We had ~

        • Oysters on the half shell - $2 each – loved the spoonful of jalapeno sorbet on each.
        • Hot Southern $8 - this is a meal in itself. Pork and pimento cheese on crostini (3 large crostini). Yummy and rich.
        • Roasted Chicken $ 14 – ½ chicken w/ salad, perfect comfort food, simple and delicious.
        • Southern Scaloppini $14 - pork was good, but the star of this dish was the black eyed peas and corn succotash.
        • Short Ribs $16 – pulled ribs in a rich sauce with polenta and greens. This will be their most popular dish over the winter.
        • Mushroom Pesto $10 – this was my favorite (too bad I didn’t order it). The dish spaghetti and oyster mushrooms in a walnut/arugula pesto. I had this same dish on the Amalfi coast two months ago and this one was much better.

        We had two desserts – the Elvis was banana bread pudding, peanut butter gelato and bacon brittle. Bacon brittle was a real treat, sweet/salty. Fudge cake, rich and dense, was served with bing cherry ice cream. Plates went back to the kitchen clean.

        Decent wine list, full bar, reasonable prices. Friday night the service was great, so it looks like they’ve gotten past their open night jitters.

        Right now they open at 3pm, but I'm hoping they will start serving lunch soon. I couldn't find a website, but next time I'm in I'll ask.

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          Anybody have a link to a web site for them?

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   Full menu is on the site.

            Had dinner there on Monday. Food was amazing and atmosphere just the right mix of laid back and elegant. Started with a Hot Southern and had a Bonnie Sue (not your mama's meatloaf sandwich!) then finished with Berries & Creme. The Southern will be on my list of favorites.

        2. Very nice patio dining downtown Asheville, excellent creative dishes well-described on this thread, the only downer is that smoking is allowed on the patio. Not nice at all to mix a flavor-packed fork-full of braised short ribs, gorgonzola, polenta and arugula with a nose-full of smoke from your neighbor. The tables are pretty close together so the potential is there for some serious second hand smoke. I guess the no smoking law in restaurants does not apply to outdoor seating. We loved the food and ambiance and hope that maybe a compromise with smoking after 10pm could be adopted.

          1. stopped in for a quick dinner last night. good food, but way too expensive for what you get. truffle deviled eggs & pimento crostini were both tasty, but severely overpriced, esp the eggs. italian sandwich was ok, but worth $5-6, not the $10 they charge. cubano (riff on the classic) was a better value, but still too small for the price ($9). side salad sandwiches come with is a joke of a plate filler. may go back to try entree items, but it won't be anytime soon.

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              We went today - had a prime spot on the great patio during LAAFF. We ordered the truffled deviled eggs, the short rib/pimento cheese crostini, and the ham and cheese, which was sopresetta (not deli ham) served on toasted bread with a parmesan/truffle butter. I had two watermelon-basil margaritas and my husband had two mint juleps. The cocktails were strong and yummy. The food was good, not spectacular (I have to admit, after reading reviews I thought this might even be on par with The's not). At $3, we thought the four halves of egg we got were a good deal...over-stuffed, light truffle flavor...very good. My sandwich and the crostini were both a dollar or two over-priced for what we felt we got - not enough to keep up from coming back - but it's definitely bar food. We'd put in on par with LAB, maybe slightly better. Neither of us tried one of the higher priced entrees, keep in mind, but for now we'd consider it a great place to grab drinks and food with friends for a night our on the fabulous patio, but by no means is it a destination restaurant.