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Aug 9, 2010 09:19 AM

First time ever in Ohio - Springfield questions

I have never been to Ohio before but my work has decided to change that. I'll be staying at the Courtyard in downtown Springfield and am looking for dinner recommendations; within walking distance would be a huge plus but I do have a rental car if need be. Nothing too costly as my work per diem is not fantastic. Other than that I am open to all cuisines from burgers to sushi to Indian. So what does Springfield have to offer?

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  1. How far are you willing to walk? There isn't much directly downtown. BW-3's and the restaurant at your hotel and that's about it. Never been to the hotel restaurant and don't care too much for a wing place where the sauce variety far exceeds what it's put on.
    Springfield is not a cosmopolitan town. It's blue collar/small college. Not to say there isn't anything decent. Linardo's Villa at 2230 E. Main has a good variety of Greek, Italian and comfort food, including bison burgers. (There is a farm not too far from Springfield.) Casey's, in the western part of the city, is good for the non-finicky carnivore. They offer combination platters where you can combine stuff like prime rib, ribeye, duck, swordfish and crab cakes.
    Other local favorites include the Hickory, just North of downtown, which had a fairly big menu; Joe's, also in the western part iof town, very casual with a good-sized menu; and Cecil & Lime, also North of downtown with a solid menu.

    1. One thing good about this part of Ohio is that your per diem will go a lot farther than in other areas of the country.

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        Thanks for the insight. At least I can stretch my budget, which is nice after consecutive trips to expensive cities (DC, NYC, et al).

        Is there any certain prominent ethnic group there that is well represented in food? I truly love everything (Korean, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Polish, name it, I'll eat it). Is there anything like that I shouldn't miss?

        I am trying to get a handle on what on earth Springfield is like without much luck. I guess I'll soon see for myself!

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          Not in Springfield, unfortunately. There are a handful of pedestrian Chinese, one Japanese I've never tried, and about three Mexican that are ok. There are some decent ethnic choices in Dayton, to the West, but the dining scene in Springfield is like the town itself, blue collar and American. While the restaurants I mentioned are all very good at what they do, (and Buffalo might well be the most exotic dining item you can get) I wouldn't call any of them standouts, certainly not by comparison to the destinations you just came from.
          If you decide to take the drive down US 68 to Yellow Springs (which I'd describe as hippie chic and relatively easy to get to) the Winds has a fine menu.

      2. Consider driving south on US 68 to Yellow Springs ... a search here will provide several
        good hints.

        Also; stop at Young's dairy for ice cream/malt/shake/sunday ...

        1. On the east side, I recommend Cat Daddy's Cafe at 1802 East Main Street. I tried it a couple of years back with a friend, and they had some good seafood that tended towards the spicy side of things.

          call them: 937-322-9006

          On the west side, I'd recommend Bradfield's - located in the Upper Valley Mall, just south of the movie theater. (if memory serves) I had a nice steak there with a friend about 3 years back.

          Bradfields Restaurant
          1475 Upper Valley Pike Ste 800, Springfield, OH 45504

          1. Welcome to Spfld. I agree with everyone below. But there is one place within walking distance from the Marriott (30 seconds) that is worthwhile. Season's Bistro. Spfld, OH is not cosmopolitan -but Seasons is the best we have. They change their meal -you guessed it seasonally; great salads/sandwiches for lunch; decent ethnic-like and vegetarrian entries. They even serve Jenni's ice cream from Columbus.
            Within walking distance of your hotel for lunch -try The Fountain on Main - a very unique olive-nut sandwich and great shakes.
            The only semi-authentic ethnic fare in Spfld is Mexican: everyone seems to go to a local chain called El Mariachi's on Main St -lively. Across the street is a wonderful Mexican grocery store and cafe. The best pizza in town is also directly across the street as well -Sapori grill. They really attempt authentic Neopolitan pizza. Their 'razor-thin' pizza is heavenly.
            Get your coffee right across from your hotel at Uno Mundo Coffee - fair-trade coffee -they make latte's like in the big cities.
            Our college deli is Mike and Rosy's - I gurantee you've never had steam-pressed pastrami sandwiches. Our local bakery is Schuler's. Finally, the best place for a drink on Friday at happy hour is at the bed-and-breakfast Simon Kenton Inn. Great dinner too
            Hope that helps

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              Second Mike and Rosy' doesn't seem like it would work, but definitely a very good deli sandwich.

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                Thank you so much for the great information, that is exactly what I was looking for. I am not expecting world class cuisine on every corner but I knew there just had to be some decent meals to be had!