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We, the Pizza = awesome

Persistently unimpressed with almost all pizza by the slice (bland, greasy, questionable provenance and age), I tried We, the Pizza with some skepticism. Boy, was I wrong.

The slices I tried were super-fresh, the ingredients good quality, and they toast it up to order, so when it arrived on my plate it tasted extremely fresh. Fantastic crust: not thin, but not greasy or doughy either; it's puffy and the bottom has a nice sharp crunch to it. Ingredients on the three flavors I tried (the white pizza, the mushroom, and the salami) were really good. Logically, the salami was the oiliest of the three, but the white and mushroom slices were not greasy at all, and the little puffs of ricotta cheese on the white pizza were super creamy. (When I return, I'll be making a beeline for the white pizza.)

And, oh my God, the homemade sodas There are 10 or so flavors, they're custom-mixed with soda water and have really good, strong, bold flavor. Had the sour cherry and DH had the pineapple-cilantro. Now, just plotting a quick return to try the others.

I'll be back. Very soon. Like, today.

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    1. re: Steve

      every large pizza is $18 -- even the plain one? strange pricing.

      1. re: alkapal

        I think that's what Flippin' does as well. They only have one size outside of slices.

    2. Really? I went on Saturday night. I found it OK, not as good as 7th Hill or Matchbox. I'm also originally from NY so tend to be a little bit picky. The bottom crust was nice, the exterior a little too yeasty. I had the mushroom pizza and found it a little overwhelming. My husband very much liked his sausage and peppers pizza though.

      1. okay - quickly the bad: prices are high on everything - two slices and homemade soda was nearly $14 (the price of a whole pizza anywhere else). my homemade coconut soda was basically soda water and coconut milk -- hmmm...

        now the good: everything else! the crust is right on -- crisp, crusty, chewy with a slight saltiness. i tested both a regular slice and a cast iron slice and the crust was equally delicious. they don't skimp on toppings and they mean what they say. wild mushroom offerings at other places means mostly white button with a few torn bits of oyster mushroom. this one was full of woodsy tastes. the greek in all of us pan pizza was deliciously salty with olives and feta.

        overall though -- does not compare to a $2 NYC slice. that's just how it goes. remember, the secret to NYC is in the water.

        better executed than good stuff (but i wouldn't throw that burger out of bed either). don't believe the hate -- go and try it for yourself.

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        1. re: henmonster

          Sounds like they are still getting their sea legs- still inconsistent after opening. Perhaps they will get better...I hope it is better than the hamburgers next door!

          1. re: ClevelandDave

            I agree -- give it time. I didn't think 7th Hill started out all that stellar, but I like what their pizzas have become over time.

        2. I met an out of town friend at WTP tonight for dinner. Following closely behind us was Michelle Obama and Sasha! And of course about 6 SS guys. This turned out to be a great venue for them as they could eat at the big communal table upstairs, and the narrow area that leads to that table could be blocked off by the SS, with another SS guy at the foot of the stairs. Very exciting! I noticed she and Sasha got homemade sodas, but that's all I could notice about what they ate. They were preoccupied with talking to each other.

          Now onto my meal. I'd tasted their pizza so I really wanted to try one of their sandwiches. I had my heart set on the porchetta. I really wish I had asked to have it described before I ordered it. I thought it was awful - VERY disappointing. The sub roll was really good, so I still have hope that the other subs might be better. The porchetta was a cold sub, which I didn't expect. It contained a small amount of not-particularly-flavorful pork and a HUGE amount of a wet, overly salty, way-too-mayonnaisey cole slaw. Never again.

          On the bright side, I got a very soury cherry soda, which was delicious. I had gotten a coconut soda on another occasion and wasn't impressed. This one though was a real winner. Sour cherries, mint...my mouth is watering remembering it!

          1. I guess by the reviews We, The Pizza does not equal Awe Some. It isn't Awe Ful, but = ok.

            1. I started going to We The Pizza just a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I've been largely disappointed with DC pizza since I moved here from New York about two years ago (my favorite DC pizza to date has been at Potenza and Matchbox), but I've been very happy with We The Pizza. Everything I've had there so far has been very well executed, and I've been impressed with the quality of the ingredients and, as others have noted, the fact that they don't skimp on the toppings. And at $3.00 per slice, I think the pricing is perfectly reasonable. I'm also thrilled that they don't try to pull that "jumbo slice" nonsense like a lot of other places in town.

              So far, I've had the "Forest Shroomin Pie," which was delicious, the "White Pie," which I loved, the "Fresh Buffalo Mozz and Roasted Tomato Pie," which to be honest I found pretty disappointing, and the "Spinach and Artichoke Pie," which was very good.

              I'm fascinated by their sodas, which are very creative and well-done. I was worried that the "Good Morning Vietnam Coffee Soda" would be gross, but I loved it; it tasted a lot like my favorite Starbucks drink, but as a soda it felt like something that went with my pizza lunch. I didn't care for the "Don't Forget Your Ginger Roots Soda"--I love ginger, and was impressed that they shoved several large slices of fresh ginger into the cup, but I actually found the ginger taste to be overwhelmingly powerful. The "Co, Co, Nut Soda" was okay, and I liked the "C.R.E.A.M. Soda."

              Overall, I'm very happy with this place so far. I expect to keep going more or less weekly until I've tried all of their pizzas.

              Now that the place has been open a few months, how does everyone else feel about it? Has the quality changed, or become more consistent, since it first opened?

              1430 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

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              1. re: Garlic Guy

                I live on The Hill and we have made We The Pizza one of our regular spots. The cheese on the white seems really fresh and melts well togeher. The crust is absolutely the best I've had in DC.

              2. Either I was just there on a bad day, or things have really done downhill.

                First, the service: Yes, you're a counter pizza joint. I do not expect much. I *do* expect you to not roll your eyes at me and intentionally set my father's beer down on the far side of the counter, as far away from him as you can possibly put it. I have worked cafe jobs, and I know intentional rudeness when I see it, and usually it's deserved. But all we did was walk in, ask a question about the system since we'd never been there before, and order?

                Secondly, the food: All slices except my Dad's, which had just come out of the oven, were cold. Unsure what the point of giving us a beeper to take upstairs is - I guess we should have just waited there since they weren't going to heat anything up.

                Most egregiously, the sicilian pan style I ordered was collapsed. That's right - the dough didn't rise. And they served it anyway. And cold, naturally. Hard to believe. I'm thinking of sending in an email, but I probably won't since I live right by Matchbox and Paradiso serves better beer.

                My Dad's mushroom slice was pretty good. I don't feel as though I can really evaluate any of the others, since they weren't really up to spec. The Greek looked great. This is what I actually initially ordered, but after ringing us up we were told that it wasn't available. I switched to the Sicilian to keep it simple. When I left, there was a fresh Greek pie, three slices missing. And not collapsed.

                Thanks, We, the Pizza, I'm not sure why you decided that you hate me, but I'm feeling pretty similar things about you....

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                1. re: Raids

                  wow, that's a terrible experience! i would definitely send in an email if i were you, at least to let them know when you got such terrible service, and from who!

                  1. re: kallisti

                    Would you really say who? I mean, I kept the receipt, I've got her name, but I don't really want to be responsible for someone getting fired considering that this was the day after Thanksgiving. Who knows what was going on. I probably should have tried to address, at least, the collapsed pizza situation when I was there, but I'm positive she would have either completely not responded or pretended not to understand me.

                    1. re: Raids

                      I mean, up to you. I wouldn't do it for the purpose of getting someone fired, certainly, unless I thought they really really deserved to not work there. But you are saying that the person was really so rude, so. *shrug* :) At least I would send the email saying it was a bad experience.

                2. I stopped by We The Pizza for the sodas. Did not try the pizza.

                  The two sodas I had were extraordinary. Chowhounding at its finest, and now one of the great new food groups of DC. I had the sour cherry, which tastes like it has a hit of vanilla in it. One sip and I was over the moon. Also had the Vietnamese coffee which made me flip. Fantastic as it is, but don't say no to the double shot for another 25 cents. Basic price for all sodas is $3.

                  I will rush back to try other flavors.

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                    1. re: Raids

                      Saturday. They have a surprisingly long list of flavors.

                      1. re: Steve

                        Ah I was there on Friday. I wonder if post-Thanksgiving isn't the lowest of the low points for a lot of places.

                  1. Finally made it here last night (Wednesday, 9 pm) and service was quick and friendly! I enjoyed my spinach and artichoke slice though the crust was a tad too dry, and I loved the cherry soda. My slice came out faster than I expected, definitely less than 5 minutes.
                    I will be back in that neighborhood next Wednesday night, and I can't help but plan another visit! Though I am extremely tempted to get a milkshake next door...what a dilemma.

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                    1. re: hamster

                      We share the same dilemma! It is painful for me to be so close to those milkshakes and not get one, delicious cherry sodas notwithstanding.

                      1. re: woodleyparkhound

                        Yeah, it's a big problem. Plus eating pizza and a milkshake in one sitting is just a bit much for my caloric intake...but I guess I'll make an exception just this once!

                    2. I finally tried the pizza here, a couple of times.

                      First time I got a slice of the sausage and pepper. I got the idea that if this were fresh, it would be great, as in 'I am not kidding great.' However, as a reheated slice, it is only good and definitely not worth $4.

                      The next time I ordered a fresh pepperoni pizza, and it reminded me of a very good Jersey shore pizza. I will go back and try some toppings I like better. I'm told you can order a fresh pizza half and half which I'll probably do next time. I don't think this will replace Vace, but it is very promising.

                      Tried coconut soda, lemon lime soda, and the grape. All with extra shots. Lemon lime doesn't need an extra shot, it's already plenty sour. Coonut was light and refreshing, and the grape was probably as good as grape soda is going to get, but it's still grape soda. Vietnamese coffee and sour cherry are still the tops.