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Aug 9, 2010 07:27 AM

Best Pastrami in Atlanta?

Hi all, I have a serious hankering for a pastrami sandwich. I realize that Atlanta's no New York, but where can I find the best pastrami in town?


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  1. Haven't had much pastrami in ATL but I would bet the following places would make a good version of the sandwich:

    New Yorker Deli on Pharr Rd

    New Yorker Deli
    4691 S Atlanta Rd SE Ste 150, Smyrna, GA 30080

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    1. re: craft21

      Thanks! Anyone tried these places?

      1. re: menuforone

        I haven't had their pastrami sandwich specifically, but Alon's makes spectacular sandwiches & salads (and everything else, for that matter). I have had the lamb and the salmon sandwich, and both are outstanding.

        1. well theres no Katz's deli here,but i have found Grouchos pretty good .It would be sacriligous in NYC, but i always get it on a "toasted" sourdough

          1. Can't believe Muss & Turner's hasn't been mentioned. I haven't had their pastrami, but the corned beef on their Reuben makes me drool when I think of it. Rich, juicy, flavorful and piled high. One of my fav Atlanta spots; I also enjoy the duck confit and the chevre cheesecake. I've only done lunch - not sure about their dinners.


            Muss & Turner's
            1675 Cumberland Parkway Ste. 309, Smyrna, GA 30080